JPay Colorado Department of Corrections

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When it comes to inmate needs, surely you have heard a lot about JPay before. Why wouldn’t it be? This company is known as the provider in US that offers correctional-related services. Money transfer is their main focus. However, with JPay too, you can expect to send email and videogram, doing video visitation, buying inmate JPay player and phone time, and even paying parole and probation. JPay Colorado Department of Corrections is one to expect them from. What can we learn about this department here?

Let us tell you that Colorado Department of Corrections is the major one of the state government running state prisons. To be exact, it operates up to 20 state-run jails, but it is also merged with 5 Colorado private prisons. It is one that has contract with JPay. Thus, you can expect JPay Colorado Department of Corrections to provide you with JPay services you need, right from money transfer to even educational programs to fight against recidivism. JPay is not all about communication only after all.

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Speaking about JPay Colorado Department of Corrections, there are actually many known prisons it covers. From state0run jails for example, you get Ordway Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility, Buena Vista Correctional Facility, Limon Correctional Facility, and more. As for the private ones, there are Las Animas Bent County Correctional Facility, Hudson Correctional Facility, and more. JPay Colorado Department of Corrections sure covers various prisons.

As one major department from Colorado state government, you can expect good things coming from their service. If there is one to mention, it would be the fact that JPay Colorado Department of Corrections has electronic method to offer to take care of your money transfer business. Let’s see here.

  1. Online money transfer with either credit or debit card
  2. Phone call money transfer with either credit or debit card
  3. Cash money transfer personally across the nation

One thing you should note about this money transfer service of JPay in Colorado is that the money will be received by the inmate the next day if you make the transfer before 4pm. Be sure to pay attention to the rate too since it depends on the amount and the transfer method you choose. JPay Colorado Department of Corrections would suggest you to find out about the availability and the pricing from JPay website before you really make the transfer yourself. You don’t want to spend more than you can, right?

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From the discussion above, we can conclude that we can expect to get quick and secure work from JPay Colorado Department of Corrections when it comes to serve the needs of your inmate. You should make good use of the services of JPay to communicate with the inmates if you truly care about them. To use them, you can browse from your device by visiting or download and install JPay App from Google Play or App Store for simpler transaction. JPay sure is pretty promising to work with, right?