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Meeting inmates is not as easy as meeting normal people. Since they are criminals, they got many limitations to live with behind the prison bars as punishment for their crimes. Even so, family members and close friends don’t usually wish to cut off their connection with the inmates. They would usually like to keep in touch and this is the very reason why you would need JPay’s help. Here, we have reviews to tell about to know more about it.

Let us make things clear in these reviews that it is not impossible to stay connected whenever and wherever you are in this world. There are lots of things you can do to maintain the connection. You can email and VideoGram to the inmates or you can do video visitation. Of course, you can fund them by sending money as well. Visit JPay website and you will be able to find out what to do to realize these things to support your loved inmate in the jail.

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Yes, those services we were talking about just now are what JPay can possibly offer. Founded by Ryan Shapiro and succeeded by Errol Feldman, headquarters of JPay was first located in New York. It was around 2005 that the company moved to Miami. Then, in 2011, it finally settles in Miramar. From these reviews, you know there are lots to expect from the company. You can do simple communication yet it allows you to do more too.

We will tell you briefly in these reviews that main services of JPay include money transfer, email, VideoGram, JPay player, phone time, and video visitation. For money transfer, here are the ways.

  1. Going to the Send Money page of the website
  2. Calling for 1-800-574-5729
  3. Using MoneyGram by giving inmate ID, last name, facility name or receive code
  4. Making JPay money order  with cashier’s check and the coupon
  5. Transferring through Lobby Kiosk with credit card

Sending money has always been the main focus of people, but you shouldn’t forget that the inmates need to hear your words too. So, be sure to write them email from time to time. You can even attach photos and videos. Let us remind you that you need to use JPay stamps to have the mails sent. If you miss their look, there is always video visitation. We will further say in these reviews that you can buy the inmates JPay player for entertainment.

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If you think that talking over the phone is enough for you, JPay can make it possible for you. You and the inmates can call each other with JPay. However, there is one thing you need to make sure. The call service can only be used if you are in the inmate’s call list. These are what we can tell you in these reviews. reviews do show much that the company strives to help inmates and their acquaintances to stay connected in every way possible.