JPay Commissary Order List

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You know communication becomes something difficult to do once the other one getting incarcerated and has to stay behind the prison bars. However, we are no longer in the time where things have to be done manually. The advancement of technology plays very big role here. Because of that, correctional related companies, like JPay have been appearing. Can we expect to get JPay commissary order list as one of the services they offer in United States?

Speaking about JPay commissary order list, you will have to learn about what commissary order list itself really is. This order list is actually one service that lets the inmates to buy things, like limited food, hygiene, and all sorts of personal things. To have the rights to buy them, the inmates must have good behavior in the prison. The state or facility and the inmate ID are the things you will need to know before you can actually make the order, you see.

Founded back in 2002, the services of this company has spread in over 30 states across the United States. You can check the availability and pricing of each service from website of JPay. Take a look yourself if you can find JPay commissary order list around. Well, one thing to remember that one facility might not use JPay services despite it being registered as one. So, checking the availability before using is the wise thing to do. Make sure to not forget it.

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How about other services JPay can offer then? Of course, in order to keep people stay connected to each other, the company has variety of services to offer. They include money transfer, email, video, video visitation, JPay player, and parole and probation payments. Speaking about services of JPay, unfortunately we don’t find JPay commissary order list yet. But, you can ask for more information from customer support or the agency of your inmate.

Make sure to find the information first if you want to make a commissary order. If you want to make money transfer instead, you are with the right company here. In fact, money transfer is the main service of JPay. They offer quick and secure service for its process. Not to mention, the rate is pretty competitive. For further information, you can check it in the availability and pricing page. There sure is more than JPay commissary order list in JPay, right?

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Doing money transfer instead of going for JPay commissary order list is worth to do. The rate will be based on the amount of money you transfer to the inmate. It will also be based on the facility and transfer method you choose as well where the methods are 5 to choose one from. They include payment via online, phone call, lobby kiosk, Money Gram, and money order. Be it JPay commissary order list or money transfer, JPay is the best for all inmate services you can expect to use for the needs.