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Just because someone is imprisoned behind the iron bars inside the inmate facility, it does not mean that he has to stay there not knowing what’s happening in the outside world. Even inmates have the right to stay connected with their family or friends, you see. This is where JPay email service comes in to help you with that. There is a lot to know about JPay email, but let us cover them in this discussion here. It is one popular service among many inmates in the United States prisons, you see.

Why wouldn’t it be popular among the prisons there? company has made their system easy and quick in their work. We would say that it takes less than 48 hours for JPay email to be received by the inmates. You don’t have to worry about the cost too. Every email is charged by “Stamp” cheaply. For more detailed information about it, you can visit to get to see the delivery rates of message for inmates.

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This company uses advanced technology for its communication means. JPay tablet namely JP5s and JP5mini will be the device for the communication between the inmates and their family or friends. Sending JPay email with this device proves to be quick and easy. It supports wireless technology, so communication can be done and made without having to go to certain spot like you do with wired device. JPay email is smart solution for communication.

That being said, it is not like you can just send JPay email without paying attention as to what have to do first beforehand. First than anything, you will have to confirm whether or not the prison already supports JPay facility. Call through JPay phone number: (800) 574-5729 to do this. Many prisons in US does already cooperate with though, but please do confirm. If it does support it, you will be able to send email and photo attachments.

This service of JPay inmate is not difficult one to deal with. The company itself strives to make the communication more convenient for the users. Also, besides attaching photo, JPay email is also one to allow you include video attachments. It is one called VideoGram and the duration has to be within 30 seconds only. Still, this is better than nothing. Within the time, you can still record what you are doing or want to say to the inmate staying in prison.

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There is nothing better than seeing the face and the voice of the ones you love, right? That is why JPay supports the kind of emails where people can send messages in all sorts of form, like text, photo, and video. That is why we have JPay email recommended for your needs of inmate service. email will maintain the connection between us and the inmates even though they have to stay apart from us inside the inmate facility. You better give it some consideration at least.