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When one is incarcerated, you can’t expect him to be fully connected with his loved one. It is not just about being far apart since he has to live in prison. You can’t expect to speak with him every time and every day. However, it is not like there is no way for inmates to stay connected with their loved ones, you see. JPay Indiana is there to make it possible to keep good communication and relationship between them. Are things like that possible to be done?

There is no need for you to even question about it. You can say JPay Indiana pretty much helps us to do things that people can’t normally do. This is not just for the benefit of family members or friends, you see. The inmates will also benefit much from this service. For example, they will find that life behind prison bars is not so depressing anymore with you sending them something and JPay Indiana making sure that they are properly received by inmates.

JPay Visitation Service to Meet with the Inmates

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You might have heard a lot that one can send emails along with attachments to the inmates by using the service of JPay Indiana. However, it is not the extent of service they can offer to you. Have you heard too that we can visit the inmates at the comfort of our home? This is what JPay Visitation from Indiana is meant for. Modern technology makes it possible to realize real time face to face communication. Simply put, video visitation is pretty much like video call.

Even though you can’t meet the inmate in person, the service of JPay visitation is different than normal call where the voice is what can only be heard from each other. Through this video visitation from JPay Indiana, you can show the face and expression to each other while talking. Don’t you think it feels like you are meeting them in person? Visit for more detail about the service.

Keeping the Connection Between Inmate and You

Sure, staying connected through JPay Indiana with video visitation is wonderful and all. However, it is not the only thing you can resort to, to communicate with the inmate. As it was said before, JPay Indiana is also there to serve the needs of making calls or sending emails to the inmates from time to time. Normal ways like this is better than nothing. So, if you can’t choose video visitation for some reasons, you can always make very good use of the others.

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Things like this might seem trivial at first. However, if you think about it, inmates generally and not only the ones from JPay Indiana State Prison are in a dire need of supports from their loved ones. Through calls and messages, you can send words of love and support to keep them living till the day they are released. Well, JPay Indiana will charge you some money, but it is not a big deal if you can make the incarcerated loved ones happy by your attention.