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It is true that inmate cannot do anything freely in the prison. There are many rules that limit their activities. However, now there is a company which makes an inmate can do the common activities as usual such as receiving from family or friend, meeting directly with family or friends, etc. In this case, you need to thank to JPay Inmate Money.

JPay is helpful to allow an inmate stay connected with the family or friends. If an inmate needs something, he or she can use this facility. One of the best services offered is JPay Inmate Money where it allows inmate orders money and the family or friends send money to their beloved inmate in the prison.

For your information, JPay has many services. Besides JPay Inmate Money, JPay also allows you send email and buy media. In addition, video visitation and education also belong to the services of JPay. If a family or friend transfers money to an inmate, the money can be used for various needs during in the prison. Transferring money through JPay is not only safe but also fast. You can do this from your home with a computer easily. You can also use your smartphone or MoneyGram agent.

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JPay Inmate Money will take one day. So, the money will be received in next day. You can transfer using credit card because it uses online system. In addition, you can also send money more than once and send money to multiple inmates in the same day. Transferring money through JPay can be done via money order, too. It means you can send money to JPay Money Lockbox that will process your transaction electronically.

JPay Inmate Money also allows an inmate in the prison to buy various items from JPay facility. For example, an inmate may purchase media like JP5 tablet. This is the newest and best product from JPay. You can also buy it to your beloved inmate from JPay. However, you have to make sure that JP5 is available in the location of the prison where your beloved inmate is. If it is not available, you just need to send money to your beloved inmate and he or she will buy it directly.

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From JPay, an inmate can also purchase music so that he or she will not be bored in the prison. With JP5, inmates can also download many songs they want from music library. It shows that JPay offers so many interesting services besides JPay Inmate Money. An inmate can also buy many items from JPay through JPay Credits or JPay Media Account. Besides buying JP5, an inmate can also buy other items including electronic stamps, printouts, music albums, songs, games and also e-books.

To enjoy those services, you have to fund their Media Account by creating JPay account. You can also speak to the customer service if you are confused to use it. That is all what you need to know about JPay Inmate Money.