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Have you known this? In order to help inmates to keep in touch with their family and friends, JPay company appears to offer us the latest version of Smartphone and tablet for the purpose. JP5 and JP5mini are what they are called. With them, both inmates and their acquaintances are possible to exchange e-mail message, e-card, and videogram. To get access to these, you can do JPay login mobile. Let’s talk further about it below.

Yes, we can do the login via mobile. It is if you did JPay sign up and have JPay login account ready to do the job here. Since it is JPay login mobile we are talking about here, we will divide the discussion into two sections; one for Android and another for Apple iOS device. Which one is yours? Whichever it is, let’s pay attention to the one you own, although it wouldn’t hurt to learn how things go in another device. Now, let’s get it started.

JPay for Android

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In order to do JPay login mobile with your account, you will have to open your browser and visit or you can simply look for JPay app for Android through Google Play Store on your device. Download and install, then you can start with the login process. The app will allow you to send emails with photo attachments. You can even do money transfer with credit or debit card.

There are important features that the app brings with besides being one you can do JPay login mobile from. Now, what those features could be? Knowing them is worth to do if you only have Android device to do the job. Besides, you get very good insight of the app by learning what it is featured with. Now, let’s see here below.

  • Prepaid Reply for JPay email
  • Simple Money Transfer with Debit/Credit Card
  • Email Massages with Attachments for Multiple Recipients
  • Available Purchase for JPay stamps

Let us tell you. Those are only few of the things that the app is featured with. Not to mention, more and more features are coming and will be available too later. Eventually, you might be able to get the feature that helps you both create and manage JPay accounts. JPay login mobile with Android can always be looked forward too this way. You can keep checking the latest version in Google Play Store if you want to keep up to date about it.

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JPay for Apple iOS

JPay login mobile can also be done on your Apple iOS devices, like iPhone. Just like with the Android, you will need to visit or search the JPay app yourself through iTunes. Download and install the app on your device and you can start with the login then. Basically, JPay login mobile is not that much different across platforms. Even the app’s functionality, usability, and features are similar. What differ both apps is the device alone after all.