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Located at 13 Peter Behr Dr. San Rafael, California, Marin County Jail is also one of correctional facilities where you can expect to use JPay service for your needs. As you might have known, JPay is inmate service provider that aims to keep you in touch with your inmate. Before this service exists, family members and friends can only dream of contacting them at the comfort of their home. However, JPay Marin County Jail makes difference now.

Yes, you can absolutely expect to get JPay service from this facility, but what they can serve you for is actually different from one facility to another. In this jail we are talking about here for example, there are only two types of JPay service available. Other than the types though, people can still expect JPay Lobby Kiosk from JPay Marin County Jail. With it, inmates can read emails sent to them. Let’s just dig further about the service in this facility below.

Send Money Service and How It Can Be Done

Even inmates would need enough supply of money to live their life inside their correctional facilities. It goes without saying that it becomes the duty of family members to send some funds to them. To do so, you will have to make good use of Send Money service from JPay Marin County Jail. Available in every DOC in USA, you can use the service with one of the 4 available methods. You can then expect the transfer to be received the day after by inmate.

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Money transfer in Marin County Jail can be done by using either debit or credit card. Then, you will need to have the money sent via JPay Online, JPay Mobile, or toll-free phone. Other than these three, you can also do the transfer via JPay Money Orders. So, make your choice of these options offered by JPay Marin County Jail. Just keep in mind that the rate will be bigger the more money sent. Also, in this jail, 300.00 is the maximum amount allowed for the transfer.

Email to Give Them News About the Life Outside

Of course, money is not everything here. Words from the loved ones are important for the inmates as well. In fact, these are what can keep them going morally more than the money. Even some short message or simple news will do just fine to bring smile to their face. That is why JPay Marin County Jail is there to help you with that. We would say it takes about 48 hours for the emails to be received, but JPay Marin County Jail helps much even with that.

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One thing to note about JPay emails is that you will need JPay stamp to send them. However, it is not like the stamps are pricey. Besides, they last forever, so you can use them whenever you like. Unfortunately, JPay Marin County Jail has not yet been completed with Outbound Email service, so inmates can’t email you back. That said, they can do so via traditional postage if you give your address.