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There are many correctional facilities across the globe. If we have to count, there are up to 34 secured facilities of Michigan Department of Corrections. Did your loved ones end up getting incarcerated because of their crimes? Sure, they have to reflect on what has been done behind the prison bars. However, it does not mean that we have to avoid them. So, consider using JPay Michigan Department of Corrections to keep in touch with them.

As you might have known, JPay is the service you can always rely on when it comes to communicating with the inmates in prisons. That being said, you have to know that the services available are different from one department to another. JPay Michigan Department of Corrections though, is one with 3 types of service to offer. They are Send Money, Email, and Outbound Email. These services of Michigan DOC can be of help in different ways for you.

JPay Michigan DOC Service – Send Money

Even inmates need money to spend while they have to stay in prisons. To make it possible for family members to send money to them, JPay Michigan Department of Corrections has Send Money service to use. With this service, JPay will make sure that your money is received well by the inmates. Via JPay online system, you can use debit or credit card, while money order has to go through JPay Money Order Lock Box. The choice is all yours.

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JPay Michigan DOC Service – Email

Of course, the inmates would love to hear some words from you. So, why don’t you send them emails from time to time then? JPay Michigan Department of Corrections has Email service to choose and use as well. JPay email service is quick in its work. While snail mails can take days, JPay email will be received by the inmates within 48 hours only. Sure, you have to buy the stamps that cost $5.00 per 20 numbers of them, but it is still very affordable one.

JPay Michigan DOC Service – Outbound Email

By being able to send emails, it does not necessarily mean that you can get feedback from the inmates. In fact, the only service that allows it to happen is the Outbound Email. Not all departments have this service available, but you should be happy for JPay Michigan Department of Corrections is one of those who can offer it to you. Just like with the Email, you need stamp bought from JPay Kiosk in the correctional facility. So, go ahead and buy.

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Now that you know JPay Michigan Department of Corrections has these three services to offer, aren’t you interested in using them? If you truly care about the well being of the inmates both mentally and physically, you should let them know about it. By sending money, you can let them buy whatever they need. By sending emails, you let them hear your words. JPay Michigan Department of Corrections has everything you need covered for inmates.