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JPay is a company founded in 2012. It plays along correction service provider. This company was established by a person name Ryan Shapiro. This is based in the USA and headquartered in Miramar. JPay also has contracts with country jails, private federal prisons and also Departments of Correction. They provide techs and services such as parole & probation payments, video visitation, money transfer and email. So use all the services, you just need to visit JPay official site. The services are available in more than 35 states.

The goal of JPay is to be a company that provides a state digital consumer app for jails. That is why there is JPay official site. You can visit it on On the site, you can see so many products and features offered by JPay. The services & products include sending money, parole & probation payments, communication & inmate devices, charitable donations, and there are still some others.

One of the most beneficial services is money transfer. You can do this from JPay official site. It allows you to transfer some money to an inmate you love in the prison such as your family or friend. You can do this using your own mobile phone easily. JPay also plays along MoneyGram to let you send money via MoneyGram’s agent locations such as Walmart and CVS/pharmacy. Then, this company also manage money order related to sending money.

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JPay official site enables an inmate and his or her family and friends to communicate each other. The communication can be done in various ways. It includes instant messaging, tablet computer (JP5), VideoGram, video visitation, and email. If you are interested and want to know more information, just go to JPay official website.

JPay also provides parole & probation payment. This service allows a prisoner to make a payment in making community corrections & payments for the court-ordered. In addition, JPay official site also offers release cards.

JPay charitable donations make contribution to fund a scholarship for inmates’ children from corporate sponsors & inmates. This company, through JPay official site, belongs to one of the corporate supporters of Creative Corrections Education. The charity, in 2004, provided 63,000 dollars in scholarship more than the previous 2 years.

On the home page of JPay official site, you will find so many options. For example, you can search a jail or an inmate by inputting the inmate’s ID and the state. On this website, you are also allowed to find more info related to the services for your beloved inmate such as video visitation, JPay Player, education, VideoGram, email an even money transfer with one click only. JPay also provides the payment service of parole & probation such as release car, self-report fees, court fees, supervision fees, and restitution. There is one more interesting feature from JPay website. It is social where it consists of Our Community, Twitter, Facebook, forum of JPay, and blog of JPay. You just need to click one of the features above if you want. In conclusion, JPay becomes a solution for easiness of contacting between inmates and their family & friends.