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JPay Oklahoma Department Correction allows you to transfer money to someone in the jail you love such as you family, friends, or any other else. The process of transferring money is really easy. Besides that, it is also fully secure. Compared to other similar services, JPay Oklahoma rate is very competitive. If you are interested in it, you can meet your beloved inmate directly. However, you have to prepare an application first before you are allowed to meet him or her.

How to Submit Your Application

It is very important to prepare a visiting application. So, you will be able to meet your beloved prisoner in the jail. The process of application is not only fast but also easy. With JPay Oklahoma, you do not need to go anywhere so that it does not only save time but also save energy. You can fulfill the application form via online. JPay Oklahoma also allows you submit it via online and wait until it is accepted before you can meet your loved inmate in the jail. Anyway, the process is really simple.

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Do You Need to Create JPay Account?

JPay account is one of the requirements for you who want to use the service of JPay Oklahoma. For example, if you want to fulfill the visitation application form and submit it, you have to create an account first. Creating an account is easy and simple. After you have an account, you just need to login using the account you have just made. Then, you can select your beloved inmate in the facility selected. To make an account, you just need to sign up. Then, you should also enter and ID of your beloved inmate through the search box available in the right corner of JPay Oklahoma page.

What Facilities Are Provided?

There are many JPay services offered by JPay Oklahoma. At least, we have 9 lists of services. The facilities will be very useful to keep you being connected to your beloved inmate such as sending money, sending email, etc. You can see the following facilities we mention below:

  1. Clara Waters Community Corrections Center and Oklahoma County Correction
  2. Jim E. Hamilton Center
  3. Bill Johnson Center
  4. Howard McLeod Correctional Center
  5. Jess Dunn Correctional Center
  6. Dick Conner Correctional Center
  7. Dr. Eddie Warrior Center
  8. Jackie Brannon Correctional Center
  9. James Crabtree Center
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You may still need much information about JPay Oklahoma. However, we cannot give and share the more detailed information about this facility. What to keep in mind, this facility gives easiness to both inmates and their families or friends. So, they will always be able to connect even though they are separated between home and prison. If you need more information, you can try visiting the official website. On the website, you can find out about the information related to application, completed services and also rates. In conclusion, you can easily communicate with someone in the prison using JPay.