JPay Send Money Using Credit Card

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There are up to 5 methods that JPay can serve you with whenever you find the need to transfer money to the inmate. One of the methods would be JPay send money using credit card. This method includes as online payment system on Any best credit card services in the United States would do just fine as long as they are VISA or Mastercard type. Did you have any? If so, you are in the right place to learn how you can process the money transfer.

Using this method alone to JPay send money to inmates can be pretty beneficial too. You can fill the JPay Credits which are the account balance of the inmate. By doing so, the inmate can spend the funds to buy everything he wants in the kiosks of his facility. Here, you can check both the availability and pricing in every state of America for the needs of JPay send money using credit card. Still, you need to stay login. Here is how you process transfer.

1. Login to the Website to Send Money

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Send money credit card processing will have to start by you logging in to It is the company’s official website, so you can be sure it is credible one. Look around the site and you should be able to find Send Money menu. All you need to do to JPay send money using credit card is to click on it and you will be brought to the next step of the processing procedure. What do we have to do next then?

2. Select Transfer Category of Pick No

The next step of how JPay send money using credit card will need you to make choice between two. These two choices are Transfer Category and No Transfer Category. You won’t miss them since they are on the list. Either choice you make, you just need to choose and click Continue for the choice in this very step here. The procedure of how JPay send money using credit card can then move on to the next step.

3. Choose the Method of the Payment

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This time, what you need to do is to choose card type as a payment method. Since the method will be determined by the card type you use, so just select the type and it will be your payment method. In this step of how JPay send money using credit card, you will need to make sure that you fill the correct card validation code and the correct amount of money to send. If everything is set, then just click Continue.

4. Double Check Information and Submit

The last step of how JPay send money using credit card suggests you to make sure that you have filled all the information needed in the Payment Verification box correctly. Once it is done, just click the Submit button to finish it. Let us tell you here that it is one-time payment process we are talking about here. To enjoy automatic payment, you will need to have JPay recurring payments activated. So, remember this.