JPay Send Money with MoneyGram

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If you have read much about JPay and what it can offer to help you with money transfer, we are sure that you must have found that JPay send money with MoneyGram too. This is one quicker and easier method than JPay credit card services for money transfer. Across United States, there have been up to 40,000 MoneyGram agents. It should be easy to find one. Here, let us tell you how you can find the location near you and send money to the intended inmate.

1. Search for the Nearest MoneyGram Agent around

First thing first, you will have to search for the agent without doubt. For convenience, JPay send money with MoneyGram should choose the nearest location of the agent. It saves you the trouble of going to the agent yourself after all. It saves your precious time too. You can do the search here. If you can get the nearest location possible, sending money cash from a nearest MoneyGram location would no more be troublesome thing to do, right?

2. Go There and Bring the Necessary Things With You

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Now that you know how to find MoneyGram location and get the nearest location possible, of course you will have to go to the agent after that. MoneyGram is not something that can be ordered without your presence after all. JPay send money with MoneyGram will need you to bring the necessity for the order. It would be none other than your original identity card. If it is not ID card, you can always use your driver’s license instead for it.

3. Fill Out the Form Correctly and Properly As Directed

Once you are there and ask to make the order, you will be required to fill out JPay Express Payment Form. The form of JPay send money with MoneyGram must be filled with correct JPay Receive Code, Inmate’s Correctional ID number, and last name without space. Give this form of JPay send money with MoneyGram to the clerk and the cash money to be given to the inmate. Also, you need to prepare transfer fee as well, so don’t forget.

4. Receive the Payment Reference Number from Clerk

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If everything is done, you will just have to wait for the clerk to take care of your order. Then, you will get payment reference number from the clerk of the agent. Keep this reference number safe whenever you make JPay send money with MoneyGram. This number is important and you will be in the need for it in the future. Be sure to not lose it for sure. Well, about how long the funds will be received by inmate, we will have it discussed for you below.

5. Wait for the Transfer to Be Processed by the Agent

The process of the money transfer usually takes about 10 minutes. However, it would take 24 hours for the funds to be received by the inmate. Still, this is quicker and easier method to try. JPay send money with MoneyGram makes great idea when you need to send some money to inmate. MoneyGram is the official partner of the company. MoneyGram agents in the United States are everywhere to help you.