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Having to part with the loved one in any ways has always been frustrating and torturing experience for all people. If the loved one is one that has to stay in correctional facility, surely you know that it won’t be so easy to contact him, let alone being able to meet him face to face and talk. You might never imagine that you can even do something like that every time and every day. However, it can possibly happen with JPay Video Visitation.

JPay Video Visitation is one of the inmate services that JPay has to offer for those wanting to see the imprisoned inmate they know. In order to live up to such wish, the company makes good use of great technology to make it possible for inmates and their family or friends to have face to face contact with each other. It is one means meant to be done at the comfort of your home too. It should be pretty convenient for you to use.

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By now, you should have been able to guess that JPay Video Visitation pretty much acts like video call. This is the latest technology to make real time face to face communication possible after all. Without having to leave your home, you can talk and see the inmate through the screen of JPay device. It might not be like meeting the inmate in person, but it is better than text message where you can only get words and nothing more.

With JPay Video Visitation, you can get good view of the person and listen along to their voice. This inmate service is guaranteed to give you enjoyable communication to each other. Sure, there are rules to follow. There is visitation schedule to make the call and it has to be approved by the facility as well. For more information about the schedule, you can go to JPay website to take a look at the calendar yourself provided for your needs.

There is one thing you need to note when using JPay Video Visitation though. This one thing is the fact that there is always duration for the video visit. Furthermore, the duration differs from one facility to another. You’ve got to look for the information of how things go in the intended facility where the inmate you know is being held in. If you are interested in JPay Video Visitation, you better make good use of it regardless of the duration.

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That being said, you must have wanted to know the average duration in the correctional facilities commonly. Well, we would say most facilities allow the video visit to last for 30 minutes. It is long enough time to meet face to face and talk. So, why don’t you give JPay Video Visitation a try yourself then? If you can’t bear the feeling of missing the inmate you know, use this service and it should bring happiness to both you and the inmate.