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Do you want to know about Learning A-Z, a great company which has a unique program? Let’s see Learning A-Z on Kold’s Business File. The company’s established back in 2002. The founder, Bob Holl, is a former teacher. After becoming a teacher, Bob Holl worked at educational publishing. From there, he built Learning A-Z. The reasons are that he wanted to give access to educational resources to everyone as well as to help teachers doing their job. Beginning with a website called Reading A-Z, you can see Learning A-Z on Kold’s Business File now has eight websites. The company is in many US districts, Canada, and 150 other countries. It has grown rapidly within a short period.

There are many challenges in education these days. How does Learning A-Z help teachers? The most common and the biggest challenge is budget. Here is where Learning A-Z can help. As you can see Learning A-Z on Kold’s Business File, offer access to lots of educational resources which typically cost lots of money, for a fraction of that. It is why we often talk about how teachers can get access to one of the eight websites we have for their class for a year with inexpensive payment.

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As you can see Learning A-Z on Kold’s Business File, we are a purpose-driven company. The founder, Bob, has a passion for this. As such, besides the things we have previously done for the community, we decided to contribute further. We gave donations for schools, helped many nonprofit literacy initiatives NGOs, and partnered up with the military. In the end, we end up donating lots of books for the military. It was a great effort.

If you want to learn about many things, you can visit our website at https://www.learninga-z.com/. As you can see Learning A-Z on Kold’s Business File, our products include

  1. Raz Plus, a website designed for learning and reading skill improvement, with features such as an effective instruction from the teacher, reading practice, student assessment, as well as data reporting.
  2. Raz Kids, a website designed for reading, featuring comprehensive reading resources with 29 levels of reading difficulty.
  3. Science A-Z, a website designed for learning science. Inside, you can find multilevel text collections, fun science lessons, as well as science experiments.
  4. Vocabulary A-Z, a website designed for learning vocabulary which offers premade lessons and customizable lesson plans.
  5. Reading A-Z, a website which offers reading resources from leveled books, word books to poetry and many others.
  6. Headsprout, a research-proven reading program designed to help students to be better readers.
  7. Writing A-Z, which offers various materials and tools to help teachers in teaching writing.
  8. Ready A-Z, which offers resources to prepare students for standardized tests.
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If you are interested in our products, you can see Learning A-Z on Kold’s Business File or simply visit www.learninga-z.com. There, you will be able to find a link which leads to each of our learning programs.