Linkedin Salesforce Integration

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Business world is continuously changing that it becomes too unpredictable at times. But what if you have a great management platform of your business and a strong social media support? The business will surely blossom in a great way. Luckily, two big online business platforms have integrated some of their features. You will learn about LinkedIn Salesforce integration through this article. Everything related to its functions and steps to integrate those two platforms will be discussed.

Functions and Steps of Integrating LinkedIn-Salesforce

How does LinkedIn Salesforce integration give business more room to expand? Salesforce is indeed having various supporting functions for business operation. However, its database depends on the companies that occupy its cloud system. Meanwhile, LinkedIn is a very popular social media platform. It means that this platform has collected a big amount of information: personal and professional data. Combining these two platforms will give business the best of both worlds. There is no more need to splurge for lead generation.

Generating leads is certainly one main reason for LinkedIn Salesforce integration. Lead is a crucial part in sales process. Normally, companies must pay high to obtain it. This social media platform enables user to get limitless marketing and sales information at lower price point. After data is imported to the cloud system, it can be computed and used to aid business development.

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The professional networking has a product named to help navigating sales lead. This product has an ability to match sales representatives with prospective customers. It will ensure that business can target the right kind of customer base more effectively and interact with them better. LinkedIn Salesforce integration allows the cloud to access data obtained from that tool. The information will be immediately imported to cloud system after it is obtained.

How to do LinkedIn Salesforce integration? Follow these steps if you wish to do it.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Login” button which is located on top right corner of the webpage
  3. Enter login credentials (can be username and password combination or company’s specific domain)
  4. Click “Login” and go back to AppExchange homepage
  5. Type down “LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce” on the search bar
  6. Click “Get It Now” button
  7. Complete the following instruction to integrate these two platforms

What can you do after LinkedIn Salesforce integration? Since the two systems work synchronously, once there is a sale update you can immediately view it in the cloud system. Any new contact or account from the social network platform will be imported to the cloud right after. Expanding new contacts is made very easy because you can search for them in Recommended Leads feature.

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To synchronize both platforms you need to have Enterprise Edition or above versions of the cloud. But if you want extra widgets like commonality identifier you need to install Professional Edition or above editions. As you can see, LinkedIn Salesforce integration is offering many benefits that will help your plan to grow business. Why don’t you try it right away?