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Sometimes, managing money or income feels difficult because you can’t keep track of it, and you tend to forget small details. However, when you use Netspend card, it will no longer be stressful to manage your money. If you are asking yourself “What are the functions of my Netspend account?” then you should read this article to find out more and get a reason why you should get one.

Benefits of Having a NetSpend Account

Do you often feel burdened when having to turn a check into cash? By using my Netspend account, it can be done much more easily. The first way to do this is by depositing directly into your account. Why is it called direct? It’s because the funds you intend to receive will be in the account in less time than usual. Moreover, this feature can also be used if you have cash money or checks. You can upload a picture of your check to the Netspend customer service. Then, they will verify it and add the balance to your account.

My Netspend account can also be used to manage all your finances from one place. The card can be used to make purchases anywhere, from grocery stores to gas stations. You can even use the card to pay bills online, so no late payments are made. Do you still want more of these features? This card can be used to take cash from automatic teller machines and transfer money directly to colleagues or family members who need it.

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Do you often lose track of your money and find yourself miserable with zero account balance in the end of the month? By having my Netspend account, you don’t have to face this problem anymore. Every transaction done with this card is recorded and you can view the records in the account center. You can even use the alerts feature to receive messages every time a purchase is made.

What are the Ways to Protect My Netspend account from Crime?

We are all prone to cybercrime. While no one wants to be a target of this crime, it can’t be undone once it’s done. Therefore, the best way to avoid getting affected by cybercrime is by preventing it from happening.

First thing you can do is to avoid sharing the card number or PIN, no matter how close a particular person is. People can’t be predicted and it is always better to be safe than sorry. Always have your number and your PIN for yourself. The other way to prevent your card from being misused is not writing the PIN on your card so even if your card gets stolen, the theft still won’t be able to withdraw money or make purchases with your card. These two tips are essential for ensuring the safety of my Netspend account.

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When you are holding the card but a suspicious transaction is made, you can contact NetSpend hotline directly to help protect your account. The same thing can be done if your card gets lost or stolen. This way, my Netspend account can be protected from further malicious uses.