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Now, it is easy to search an inmate using internet. You can find someone from your relative who becomes an inmate in the prison. In this case, what you need is inmate locator or inmate search. If you want to search an inmate in the North California, you can search using NC DOC inmate search portal. With this facility, you can find information about your beloved inmate easily. This is one of the services provided by JPay.

Before talking further about NC DOC inmate search portal, let’s discuss first about NC DOC. It is an abbreviation that stands for North California Department of Correction where it is an agency which runs corrections in the USA, especially California. In 2012, it incorporated with some departments so that it is now under North California Department of Public Safety auspices. For your information, North California Department of Public Safety is a kind of agency with law enforcement of law, emergency response and home & security functions. They are incorporated with Public Safety & Crime Control to create a new agency. That is why there is NC DOC inmate search portal to help you get info about an inmate in that state.

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Besides understanding about NC DOC inmate search portal, it is also important to understand about North California Department of Corrections. It is addressed on 2020 Yonkers Road, 4226 MSC Raleigh, NC 27699-4226. In NC OC, there are many records related to inmate. This is also responsible for distributing inmates to law enforcement and also to the public. They are able to access the records of inmates that include physical characteristic such as photo, gender, race, age, etc. They are also able to see the location of inmate or probation. You can also find the information about the start date, projected end, inmate status, conviction history, last movement info, upcoming custody review, and also crime type. However, you must use NC DOC inmate search portal first to find your beloved inmate.

If you want to search inmates located in North California, you just need to visit to access NC DOC inmate search portal. On the site, you will find a link of Offender Public Information Search or Inmate Locator. You just need to click it and you will find a form to search an inmate which consists of some aspects like age range, birthdate, ethnic group, race, gender, offender number, last name sounds like, M.I, first name, and offender status. The system will search the related matches automatically. However, it will be limited maximally 10,000 inmates. So, you may need to enter more than one kind of info and the system will find it easily & you can find an inmate you mean.

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That is all what you have to know about NC DOC inmate search portal. After you try using this service yourself, you can feel how helpful and easy it is. This service of searching can be done from your smartphone, computer or even tablet from home without requiring you to go out.