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Netspend offers a reasonable solution for your financial problem related to prepaid card. Prepaid card can be used when you don’t want to use a real debit or credit card during an online transaction. The card is also the best option for those who wish to have a conventional checking account but could not qualify the requirements. However, some things should be considered related to Netspend account balance matters.

Prepaid cards usually have numerous fees and charge which can hurt the card balance. Here’s what you need to know whether you can maintain your Netspend account balance or not.

Fees and Charges inside Netspend Account

There are several fees and charges that may affect Netspend account balance. All cardholders must be selective and careful with their financial plan every time they use Netspend prepaid card.

The first fees that can be noticed easily are the withdrawal and deposit charges. Deposit can be done through several official Netspend Reload Locations. The reload location is the place where your cash can be transfer into the Netspend account balance. However, there is no fixed charge for every reload location so it may vary in different locations. If there are more than one reloads location which is around you, it’s best to examine the fee for every shop first.

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On the other hand, Netspend really encourage its users to stay digital as possible. Any transactions happened in the financial institution or Netspend Reload Network place will be charged. It is strongly advised to reload Netspend account balance through direct deposit or PayPal instead.

The withdrawal transaction, however, is not available in every single location. Some locations can only do deposit. But you don’t have to worry because Netspend also support withdrawal money from other financial institutes. For the Visa member institution, the fee is about $2,50 for each transaction. Meanwhile, other than Visa member institution will charge around $2,50 plus additional fee fixed by the institution.

In addition, there are foreign transaction fees for each transaction which stands around 3.5% from total transaction. This is such a high fee affecting Netspend account balance. The best way to avoid this charge is to keep the card usage domestically. Moreover, if the cardholder draw cash from ATM outside US region, the charge amount will be risen up to $4.95 so they need to be extra careful during an abroad trip.  Otherwise, each transaction done will be a great burden for Netspend account balance.

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If a withdrawal is done through the Netspend reload Locations, the maximum amount of money that can be drawn is $5,500 and the limit also applied into purchase. Meanwhile, if the Netspend account balance withdrawal is performed under ATM, the maximum amount changes into $325. Each day, you are only allowed to make six withdrawals through ATM and each ATM may has different rules regarding to the maximum withdrawal amount.

You can avoid all those charges by a careful financial planning. Keep reloading and use your Netspend account balance in regular to avoid inactivity penalty. If your card is inactive for more than 90 days, there will be charge around %5.95.