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NetSpend is a branch of big financial service institution names Total System Services, Inc or TSYS that focuses on providing prepaid debit card. This branch company’s headquarter is located in Austin, Texas. It was founded in 1999. Since that, this institution has served more than 60 million people nationwide. Card holder can reload their card in 130,000 locations scattered across the country. There are two major types of prepaid cards offered, Visa and MasterCard. You can find NetSpend bank name card issuers which the company works with on its site.

Issuing Banks of NetSpend Prepaid Card

Banks that issue prepaid debit card of this company are all insured by FDIC. In the case where the issuing banks collapse due to economic pressure, consumers’ money will be protected. Below is the list of NetSpend bank name issuers.

  1. Bancorp

This bank issues Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards from this financial company. Some cards issued by this bank do not charge for activation fee while others do. There is a monthly fee that needs to be paid which ranges from $4.95 to $9.95 depending on the card. When you are drawing money from the account, you will be charged $1.95.

  1. BofI Federal Bank
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It is a NetSpend bank name issuer that releases both types of prepaid cards offered by this company. A feature that the card issued by BofI has is cashback. On some cases, when you make purchase using your prepaid card, you will receive money back to your account. There are three modes of fee plans; the preferred mode is $5.00 plan. It includes signature and PIN purchase servicing.

  1. MetaBank

The prepaid card released by this NetSpend bank name issuer enables card holder to online shop worldwide, withdrawing money, and developing budget. When you are reloading debit card in MetaBank’s branch, you will not be charged. There is no activation fee charged by this bank. However, every time card holder withdraws money from the ATM, they will be charged $2.5.

  1. Regions Bank

It is another NetSpend bank name issuer that releases MasterCard and Visa prepaid debit cards. The card activation procedure can be done through official online website or by calling phone number written in card’s sticker. You can apply for Direct Deposit with this card by submitting form filled by HR department in your office.

  1. Republic Bank & Trust Company
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This NetSpend bank name issuer offers a Visa prepaid card. The greatest feature about this card is access to card holder’s tax refund. The refund will be directly deposited into prepaid account once it is paid. There is no need to cash in tax refund check. Card holder will be charged when using this service though.

  1. Suntrust Bank

When you are getting a prepaid card from this NetSpend bank name issuer, you will not need to pay for activation fee. The monthly fee is quiet small, only $5.00 per month. This card only allows you to spend maximum $1,000 a day. It will help you keep your budget in reign. There is no charge for withdrawing money from the bank’s ATM.