Netspend Check Balance by Phone

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NetSpend is one of banking companies which provides a debit card. It offers the customers some possible ways to check their balances. An absolute way to do it is by coming to its physical branches. What should you do if you don’t have enough time to go there? Well, technology will save you. In this era, you can do NetSpend check balance by phone.

Checking balance has become a routine for all customers of banking services. Every time you purchase items or do any transaction using your cards, it is important to check the balance. A routine balance checking helps monitoring your deposit and to find out if there is any additional fee taken from you. As it becomes a routine, doing NetSpend check balance by phone will be really helpful.

As stated before, you can check balance on NetSpend account via a mobile phone. There are some ways to do it. First, you can check it by calling the customer service. Second, just register yourself to Anytime Alerts. Third, you can check it from a mobile application provided by NetSpend. To make it clearer, here is a further explanation of how to do NetSpend check balance by phone.

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Checking Balance via Customer Service

The first way to do NetSpend check balance by phone is by asking the NetSpend customer service. It is the simplest way to get in touch with your balance information. However, it is not recommended if you are a frugal since $0.5 will be charged for one call.

Since balance checking is a routine activity, using this method for many times causes multiple charges. If you call the customer service of NetSpend check balance by phone for three times in day, you will spend $1.5 per day. Then, imagine how much money you have to spend in a month. However, if you are fine with these charges, you are free to go. The customer service number of NetSpend is 1-866-387-7363.

Checking Balance via Anytime Alerts and Mobile Apps

The second trick to do NetSpend check balance by phone is by using Anytime Alerts. It is a feature provided by NetSpend to facilitate customers in checking their balances. After doing a transaction, you’re going to receive a text which includes balance information. You have to sign up to Anytime Alerts through NetSpend website to get this facility. Then, you will get balance information at any time after sending a text containing ‘BAL’ to 22622.

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NetSpend also provides a mobile application which can help customers managing their account. After installing this application, you can check NetSpend balance from your phone. In addition to this, you can also do it by logging in to NetSpend Online Account Center. Moreover, check your transaction history and account balance there.

Those are several possible ways to do NetSpend check balance by phone. You can use these facilities easily everywhere at any time. Just choose a method that you prefer then you will get the NetSpend balance information on your phone right away.