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Of course, just like your regular routine with debit card, there is always one time when you just want to check the balance on your account. The same will also happen when you use Netspend, well, partly because Netspend is not very different from the regular service of debit or credit card. Thus, this thread of a tutorial in Netspend Check Balance Online may be very helpful. Let alone the first-timer in using the said service and too afraid to ask the local customer service.

So, this is actually a very basic question that a cardholder must know. It is because something like Netspend Check Balance Online is like the very basic thing and the very first thing you’ll do once you receive your cards. Don’t worry, no one will judge you for it because everyone has been there and done that.

As this kind of question of Netspend Check Balance Online is already attached on Netspend official website, everyone can access it directly. But well, if you are too lazy to type some words and reading the thread on the related website, in the bottom part of this article discusses the brief information regarding this question on how to check your balance.

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The Options to Netspend Check Balance

What you seriously need to understand here is that there are various ways of checking the balance of your account. That being said, it is safe to say that Netspend Check Balance Online is just one of the options which you may choose as the alternative. Once again, aside from online, there are still a couple of ways of checking your Netspend account balance.

The first option of this Netspend Check Balance Online is well, through your mobile phone. You should note, however, that prior to this, or when you set up your account first, there is something you need to do. That is, signing up for Anytime Alerts service. This service is obviously an important part that you need to subscribe in order to ease yourself in monitoring your accounts.

In addition, as you already set your account with this service, anytime you need to check your account balance, it will only take a couple of minutes for you to discover the amount of your money. It is because you only have to text BAL to the number 22622 and you’ll receive a text back from in minutes later. This is by far can be called as the easiest and least expensive alternative of Netspend Check Balance Online.

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Next, other than the mentioned alternative, you can always opt to call Netspend’s toll-number to check your account balance. However, doing this will cost you some money. Not a big amount of it, but then again, everyone is frugal about money right? The toll-number of Netspend is 1-866-387-7363. Please be careful of when you want to make a call for them instead of Netspend Check Balance Online, just in case they only available to reach at a certain period of time only.