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Netspend prepaid cards are prepaid debit cards with no credit check and minimum balance. With this statement alone, now you may be confusing over the case of Netspend Credit Card. Yes, there are no statements regarding credit card whatsoever in the initial statement written by Netspend in their website, but you can use the service of Netspend as the replacement if your credit cards.

So, really, with having a Netspend card is like having two different types of card at the same time. How efficient, right? Now, with this concept offered by Netspend, now you may have built your own idea of how this Netspend Service works. That is a good thing, really, and to brings more light to your assumption, there will be different policy set by Netspend in accordance to the use of you card. Specifically when in a transaction, the policy of a Netspend Credit Card will be different from a debit card.

As for the place where you can use a Netspend card is vary. Just as how flexible its function is, the places where you can use this Netspend card are also relatively flexible and easy to found. The only requirement for the place to be able for your Netspend card to work perfectly is that place also accepts transactions via Debit MasterCard or Visa debit card. By seeing how big both providers are in the world of business, it is safe to say that almost all big retails will accept any transactions using your Netspend Credit Card.

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Netspend Credit Card Policy of Purchase Fee

Again, as what emphasized in the last paragraph, what differs Netspend Credit Card from the Netspend Debit Card are the transactions fee set by Netspend for each of purchase that you make. Now, if you are required to enter your PIN when you choose to purchase a thing with debit, credit card will require you to sign the purchase. This will also differ based on the plans of service that you use from Netspend.

For example, if you are using the most basic plan of Netspend, PIN fee will cost you $2 for each transaction via debit card. On the other hand, a Signature fee will cost you just a dollar for each transaction via Netspend Credit Card. This policy is invalid when you are using either of two other plans offered by Netspend. Those plans are Fee Advantage and Netspend Premier of Fee Advantage.

So, it all depends on you; whether or not you choose Netspend Credit Card over debit card. Just a friendly reminder though that those purchase fees that you have to pay when using the basic plan won’t be valid when you are using the more advance plans provided by Netspend.

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Also, in conclusion, there won’t be many differences when you are using Netspend Credit Card and its debit card service. Everything is also up to your call, either credit card or debit card. For further information regarding other features offered by the credit card, it is recommended to call Netspend with their number of customer care attached on their official website.