Netspend Customer Service Phone Number

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NetSpend is one financial institution which offers a prepaid debit card service.  It provides many facilities to help its customers manage their accounts. There are a website, Online Account Center, and a mobile app. It also provides a supported feature namely ‘Anytime Alert’ which enables its customers to receive any information via text. In addition, NetSpend customer service phone number is also available to assist the customers who need help.

Keeping a customer service number on your contact list is important. Calling a customer service agent will be the best option if you face any trouble or have any questions related to NetSpend card. Customer service agents will directly help you to cope with problems related to your cards. The NetSpend customer service phone number is 1-866-387-7363. The number is available from Monday to Friday at 8 AM to 10 AM CT and from 8 AM to 8 PM CT for weekends.

How to Talk to a NetSpend Customer Service Representative

By calling the NetSpend customer service phone number, it means that you want to report something or have any questions. Talking to a customer service representative directly will be more helpful. In order to talk to a NetSpend customer service representative, you can follow these steps.

  • First, call the number 1-866-387-7363.
  • Second, insert your card number which has16 digits.
  • Third, insert your social security number or PIN which contains 4 digits.
  • Fourth, follow the security verification process.
  • Then, press an option in number 5.
  • After that, press an option in number 4.
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After finishing the steps above, you need to wait for some minutes to talk to a representative. As you connect to a representative, you can ask her or him anything related to card, account, technical support, fraud, complaint, and other issues of your NetSpend card. If you have a specific issue related to Refund Department, you can call another NetSpend customer service phone number in 1-866-930-9924.

As well as reporting issues and asking questions, you can transfer money through NetSpend customer service and check your balance. However, these actions are not free. For transferring money, $4.95 will be charged to the customers. Meanwhile, checking current balance will be charged for $0.5. In addition, calling NetSpend customer service phone number is also charged for $0.5 if you talk to the representative directly.

Instead of a NetSpend customer service phone number, other NetSpend contacts are available, including e-mail and mail. To contact NetSpend customer service via e-mail, you need to send it to [email protected] or log in to your online Account Center and send the mail through the secure inbox. To contact NetSpend customer service via mail, you can send it to NetSpend Corporation. The address is Austin, Texas; PO Box 2136.

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Those are some NetSpend contacts which can be reached by its customers. NetSpend social media are also available. You can check its Twitter accounts on @Netspend or @asknetspend. However, if you are in hurry and want a quick response, calling NetSpend customer service phone number is the best option.