Netspend Debit Card

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Netspend debit card has been known widely in the U.S. It has served the nation and its people for 19 years. Although it is still long way to go, the company has showed a good track so far. Many people trust to create their prepaid card.  There have been more than 10 million customers served. As they are getting older, they provide 130.000 reload locations. What a nice service, right? It is surely pleasing for everyone who uses the service. Are you about to join? You may want to try using location finder first to know how many reload locations near you right now.

In order to get this great Netspend debit card, you do not need to spend your money to do so. it is free to order and activate the card. However, there are fees you have to pay when the card is activated. There are fee plans prepared for you to be selected which suit you the best. If you decide to get your own Netspend debit card, you must fill out a form provided in Netspend site. You will receive the card between 7-10 business days in the mail. How to add money and use the card further? See the explanation below.

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How to Add Money to Your Account

Adding money to your Netspend debit card account is not difficult thing to do. There are six ways in total that you can select. They are direct deposit, Netspend reload network locations, PayPal, bank transfers, tax refunds, and transfers money from one Netspend account to another. How does each way work? Here’s the brief explanation.

Direct deposit allows you to add your government benefits or paycheck to your Netspend debit card. It is free and convenient for sure. Next, there is reload locations. There is location finder provided in which you can find the nearest location. It also gives recommendation about lowest-cost locations.

Bank transfers are possible as well. One condition for that is you have a bank debit card or savings account. Tax refunds and PayPal are other ways to add money to your Netspend debit card. Are you able to transfer money from one Netspend card to another? Yes you are. Well, this great Netspend debit card gives simplicity in life for sure.

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How to Use Your Netspend Debit Card

One good thing about Netspend debit card is that you are able to check the balance by internet. Please log in to Online Account Center to check your balance. If you want to go simple, just sign up for anytime alerts to get a text message. Basically, what can we do with the card? There are many things such as purchasing, cash withdrawal, paying rent, bills, and others.

Regarding the maximum amount that someone is allowed to spend, it depends on the type of transaction. The transactions of Netspend debit card are over-the-counter cash withdrawals, ATM cash withdrawals and purchase transactions. Looking at those benefits you may gain, signing up today is worth to try.