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People begin to use prepaid debit card to manage their finance better. It only allows holder to spend money according to the amount inside that card, preventing overdraft. Depending on payment network that is embossed on front of the card, either MasterCard or Visa, it can be used anywhere it is accepted. NetSpend is a company that is known for promoting this product. In the next part, you are going to learn about the steps of NetSpend Login and transfer funds to your account or other accounts.

Online Account to Manage NetSpend Prepaid Card

You can access NetSpend Login and transfer funds through its online account center. This account center can be reached through the company’s website and mobile application for iOS and Android users. In order to establish this account, you need to activate the prepaid card first. Below are the steps to register username and password during prepaid debit card activation.

  • Call the phone number written on the card’s sticker
  • List 4-digit PIN number that will be used to draw money and make payment
  • Go to NetSpend website at
  • Select “Activate Card” link which is located on top right corner of the webpage
  • Enter card number which is 16-digit number that can be found at the front side of prepaid card
  • Enter security code which is 3-digit number that can be found at the back side of prepaid card
  • Pick username and password that will be used to access the online account center
  • Select “Register”
  • Online access to NetSpend Login and transfer funds options has been established
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What are the benefits of having online access to your debit card account? It allows you to monitor prepaid card account’s activities closely and easily. You can set up your account for direct deposit feature. Paychecks and other benefits will be sent to user’s account directly so they will not have to mind about depositing income to the account manually. These are not the only benefit of setting up online access to NetSpend Login and transfer funds.

By having this account you can manage your finance better since it is equipped with budgeting tools. User can even set up limit to their spending so they will not be able to draw money once the limit is reached. The online center also enables card holder to save money by putting certain amount to savings account. NetSpend Login and transfer funds online access is secured because user’s information is encrypted when sent over.

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This online account can also be used to transfer money to accounts owned by other people as long as they are using NetSpend accounts. You can also transfer funds from an account of yours to another at your convenient. To do that, you have to access its website or the mobile application on your phone. Enter username and password of your NetSpend Login and transfer funds using the options that you can find there.

You can get its mobile app for free. It can be accessed through Apple Store for iOS users and Play Store for Android users. Get a hold of this online access of NetSpend Login and transfer funds quickly!