Netspend Mobile App for Android

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People might know Netspend as prepaid debit card that offers versatile features with highest maximum balance. Not only that, Netspend actually has more benefits such as high withdrawal limits and various loading funds options. Unfortunately, the fact that this debit card charges high fees is kind of painful for some people. Apart from that, Netspend has commitment to increase its service for customer’s convenience. Netspend mobile app for android is the part of their commitment to make Netspend accessible anywhere and anytime.

Before going further to Netspend mobile app for android, let’s talk about Netspend itself. Talking about Netspend features first, this prepaid debit card provides 3 different plans, each of which can be adjusted with your needs. To adjust the plan is quite easy because it can be done through Netspend official website. The consumers are also allowed to upgrade into premium plan, however you need to prove that you are qualified.

This card is available in Visa and MasterCard which can be used almost anywhere. There is nothing to worry about if you are going to have a travel because Netspend is accepted in all Visa and MasterCard ATM, aside from the presence Netspend mobile app for android that can be accessed anywhere. People who have bad credit but want to apply Netspend card should not worry about anything because Netspend does not consider credit history.

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It sounds a really good debit card; however it has shortcomings as well. It is not a secret that Netspend charges high fee for ATM withdrawals. Even though it does not charge monthly fee, you will be charged for every transaction you make, even if you send money through Netspend mobile app for android. In case you want to close your Netspend account, there is also closing charge.

This versatile application allows you to manage Netspend account from anywhere and at any time. Supported by multiple features, Netspend mobile app for android can be installed on any android smartphone version 4.4. When it comes to managing account, it means you can do some activities such as check account balance as well as transaction history.

Netspend Mobile App for Android Specifications

To know further about the specifications of Netspend mobile banking for android, it is better to get to know the specifications. This useful application is published by Netspend. It was noted that this mobile app was released on August, 2016. Netspend mobile app for android is specially designed for android version 4.4. In case your android device has lower version, it is recommended to use online account center.

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Many people have already proven the versatility of this mobile app; therefore it is not surprising to know that Netspend mobile app for android has been downloaded for thousand times. The current app version is Netspend 4.2.6., in which the version will be updated regularly. If you are interested to use this mobile application, you can get it for free. Without additional requirements, Netspend mobile application is all you need to keep in touch with Netspend account.