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Similar to other prepaid debit cards, NetSpend card also has a NetSpend routing number. It is also acknowledged as Routing Transit Number or RTN. RTN is used to recognize a bank account or institution which is used by the customers to open their account. A routing number is needed to do some transactions such as in international money transfers and direct deposits.

A routing number refers to a code used to identify a financial institution. It contains nine digits. In some situations, a NetSpend routing number is required. One of them is when doing tax refunds through direct deposit. Throughout the tax preparation, entering your account and routing numbers will make your tax refunds deposited into your account.

After ordering NetSpend card and receiving it in your mail, you will receive an instruction to sign up for direct deposit. This instruction also contains information on how to find routing number through specific ways. Here are some methods to obtain routing and account numbers of NetSpend.

How to Find NetSpend Routing Number

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As stated previously, knowing your NetSpend routing number is essential. There are some ways to find it. First, you can spot it on your paycheck.  Routing number or RTN is located beside an account number. There are three numbers written there. The positions from right to left are check number, account number, and routing number. Instead of looking at a paycheck, you can also find it via text and online.

In order to get NetSpend routing number via text, you can use Anytime Alerts. Anytime Alerts is a feature provided by NetSpend which is similar to SMS banking. It allows you to get information related to your current balance, transaction, and others by sending specific codes. However, you need to sign up to Anytime Alerts in the NetSpend website before you can use it. To get the number, you need to type ‘DIRECT’ and send it to 22622.

Finding NetSpend routing number online is also possible and easy. You can do it by logging in to Online Account Center. The following steps show you how to find it online through Online Account Center.

  1. Open NetSpend login page on
  2. Fill in your username and password.
  3. Click LOG IN.
  4. Find the main menu and click ‘Direct Deposit.’
  5. In a grey box on the right side, you will get all information for direct deposit including a routing number.
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Lastly, you can find NetSpend routing number by contacting NetSpend customer service. You can reach NetSpend customer service by calling 1-866-387-7363. After your call is connected, you need to choose ‘Other Service’ option. Then, you will get the routing number along with other information of your account for direct deposit process.

Those are some facts about a NetSpend routing number and how to find it. This number is important for some activities related to your NetSpend card, especially in doing direct deposit and transferring funds. Therefore, you need to keep it and remember the methods mentioned above in order to find it.