Netspend Transfer Money to Another Card

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NetSpend card is one of prepaid debit cards in the United States. As a prepaid debit card, NetSpend allows its customers to use their cards for doing transactions and transferring funds to other parties. Many prepaid debit cards do not allow its customers to transfer money to other cards with different financial institution. Then, how about NetSpend? Could its customers do NetSpend transfer money to another card with a different company?

Money transfer to another card is allowed by NetSpend. If you have relatives or friends who also have NetSpend cards, you can do it easily. However, if you need to transfer funds to your colleagues’ card with a different brand, you don’t need to worry because it is also possible. Transferring money from NetSpend card to any bank account is possible.

How to Transfer Money from a NetSpend Card

You can do NetSpend transfer money to another card by yourself. To do it, you need to log in to your Online Account Center through NetSpend website. You have to choose ‘Send Money’ option. After that, there will be additional information on how to transfer funds provided there. If you find any difficulty in transferring funds, you can get a help by calling a customer service agent.

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Well, instead of using Online Account Center, you can also do NetSpend transfer money to another card by using a mobile app provided by NetSpend. You need to download and install it on your phone then you can manage your account as well as transfer funds to other accounts. In addition, you can also use FlashPlay. FlashPlay is a mobile app associated with some prepaid debit card brands, including NetSpend. After you install the app, it will help you to transfer money easier through your mobile phone.

Fees for Transferring Money to another Card

NetSpend card has many fees charged to its customers in every transaction, including in transferring funds. It is charged based on card destinations, amounts of money, and speed.  Transferring funds from NetSpend card to another card is free if you do it by yourself. However, if you need a help from the customer service, you will be charged $4.95 for each transfer. Please notice that there is also a fee for calling the customer service agent.

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Fee charged for transferring funds has different ranges. NetSpend website does not provide any specific information about it because it is related to the third parties or bank accounts that you want to do the transfer with. If you want to know about it further, you need to log in to your Online Account Center or call the customer service.

Those are some facts about NetSpend transfer money to another card. Money transfer from NetSpend to another card of any bank account is possible. If you still need further information about it, you can visit NetSpend website on and log in to your Online Account Center. However, if you have not opened an account yet, you contact NetSpend customer service in 1-866-387-7363.