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When teachers and students want to find a lot of reading materials for an additional lesson, Raz Kids has so many ebooks for them. You can get hundreds of ebook with 27 difficulty level options. In this new Raz Kids Overview, your students can read any kinds of reading passages anywhere, and at any time they want as long as they have a good internet connection. Using Raz Kids, kids can read or listen to the reading while checking each phrase spoken. They may also record it for practice and finally complete some questions and quizzes to know their understanding. Teachers can also get a special classroom management tool for 36 students.

Through this class report, teachers can monitor and check the progression of their students. You can also use formative quiz details, and you can decide if the student needs more instructions or enough with the recent instruction. New Raz Kids Overview also provides a time-saving tool for a recent online record as a feature to decide the reading level of each student, or you can also check the students’ progress. There is also Raz Rocket for motivation purpose, so your students can build a rocket and robot builder by using stars that they have earned from the completed activities. If you are a customer who has subscribed to Reading A-Z and Raz Kids, then you may get more books in different level On Your Area feature along with the quizzes.

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On this New Raz Kids Overview, Raz Kids and Reading A-Z are connected one another to provide instructional resources for students and let them practice to become successful readers. On this Raz Kids website, you can find the icon for video help if you want to know the benefits of joining Raz Kids before you start it.

Raz Kids offers many kinds of ebooks in many different categories and genres instead of fiction and non-fiction. You can also get nursery rhymes, serial books, poetry books, Spanish books, song books, and much more. So, from this Raz Kids Overview, students eventually can understand all about the book genres that they can read to enrich their knowledge.

Can you open Raz Kids on your smartphone? Of course, you can install Raz Kids app on your Android device, iPhone, and Kindle Fire. You can access all of the New Raz Kids overview books using your smartphone at any time you want. You can find it on Google Play Store for Android users, App store for iOS users, and Amazon App Store if you use Kindle Fire.

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New Raz Kids Overview provides many nice ebooks, and they are all qualified for students due to the Learning A-Z text leveling system used. There are so many aspects that are considered in this system to make some reading materials for kids according to the levels.

In this New Raz Kids Overview, the Raz Kids program also has a lot of achievements thanks to our good reading resource website. In 2016, Raz Kids gets an award from Eddie Award Winner and Codie Award Winner for the best solution for special needs students. We also get an award from Bessie Award Winner in the same yet for the best early learning skill website.