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Today, there are many people who use NYS Inmate Lookup. It is a search engine that is popular as inmate searching web: nydoccslookup.docs.ny.gov. New York State Inmate Lookup functions to find a family, friend, or anyone else who get jailed in the New York. It provides the list of prisoners and also ex-prisoners. You can also find any information about country convictions, court, and also offense. This app also allows you know when a prisoner was or will be released. To find information about an inmate, this app requires name, birth date, and also DIN / NYSID numbers.

What Information Is Given?

NYS Inmate Lookup provides some kinds of information related to inmates. First, it allows you send email to the inmate you mean. Besides that, you can also find the name in the correctional facility. You should input the name and also Department Identification Number (DIN). Second, it allows you send some packages to inmate. It means inmates can receive certain packages from friends and family. You can also call NYS prison on 518-457-5000. So, you can get many kinds of information without coming to the prison where an inmate gets jailed.

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NYS Inmate Lookup has data that can provide various kinds of information from inmates. For example, you can find the release date of a prisoner through thus website. Then, it also allows you find DIN. In addition, you can find the ethnicity or race of the inmate, too. Therefore, if you need to look for certain inmate, this will be very helpful. There are so many people in the New York who use NYS Inmate Lookup to find their family and friends who are in the jail.

What Does DOCCS Mean?

In relation to NYS Inmate Lookup, there is DOCCS. It is an abbreviation from Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. They concern about habilitation and imprisonment of thousands of prisoners over 54 states. They also conduct certain investigation to make a safe environment for the public.

DOCCS offers some regular services such as secure facilities and treatment for the inmates. They also supervise the inmate’s address where he or she loves after being released. DOCS deals with some solutions and problems for drug trafficking, staff misconduct, physical & sexual abuse, volunteers, contractors, parolees, inmates, visitors, etc.

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The Difference between NYS Inmate Lookup and IDOC Inmate Search

There are many people who ask about the difference between NYS Inmate Lookup and IDOC Inmate Search. Of course, they are in different states. IDOC is for Idaho whereas NYS is for New York. However, NYS Inmate Lookup has similar purposes to IDOC Inmate Search. IDOC provides information about inmates completely and always updates the information regularly. That site is connected using JPay.

Overall, both allow you contact a prisoner from home. You do not need to meet him or her. Both NYS and IDOC can support one another. Anyway, you have to thank to NYS Inmate Lookup because it helps you find any information about your beloved inmates.