Open Sky Secured Credit Card Reviews

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Recently, people start to realize that having credit card is not as convenient as it boasts. Aside from worsen people’s consumptive lifestyle; credit card also increases the amount of debt significantly. Whether you realize or not, this can be such a trap for yourself. Fortunately, a breakthrough has come. Instead of lengthen the list of debt each month; you can now opt for secured credit card. Among many issuers, Open Sky comes relieve your bad feelings. Here are some Open Sky secured credit card reviews to consider.

What is actually secured credit card? It refers to credit card system that requires you to have deposit on your account. This deposit becomes credit line limit, allowing you to measure your affordability. Unlike conventional credit card that put the lenders into risk, secured credit card is considered much safer for them. Considering the consumers are required to have certain amount of minimum deposit, it will be their collateral.

Why Choosing Open Sky Secured Credit Card

Secured credit card has been known as the best solution for people who cannot open conventional credit card due to bad credit history. Get to know the Open Sky secured credit card reviews to find the truth. To begin with, Open Sky provides secured credit card without requiring long and complex application process. The lenders will not check your credit history as they give opportunity to everyone. How to open an account in Open Sky?

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To get the convenience offered by Open Sky secured credit card issuer, you need to open an account with minimum deposit which is $200. This deposit is refundable and it will be your limit of credit line on your card. The more money you invest on the deposit, the higher limit you will get. So, you can choose by yourself. After opening an account, you will be connected to 3 credit bureaus. These major bureaus help you build the credit quickly.

Based on some Open Sky secured credit card reviews, you will find that most of their customers are able to earn high credit score only in 6 months. If you are new credit card history, this secured credit card issuer will help you gain many scores in short time. And if you already have bad credit history before, this will be helpful to make it up.

No need to worry if you do not have any experience in building credit card history. Open Sky helps you by providing any kinds of information related to credit tips and credit education page. In other words, Open Sky keeps you informed for whatever you need to know about Open Sky secured credit card.

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However, Open sky does not only bring advantages but also shortcoming. This credit card issuer charges annual fee. This might be annoying for some people, though. Furthermore, Open Sky is considered to have high ongoing APR. Not to mention minimum $200 deposit that’s considered high. In a nut shell, Open Sky secured credit card reviews help you determine whether or not this credit card suits you.