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Have you ever used JPay? JPay is a company that relates to corrections. So, if you have a family member or friend who becomes an inmate in the jail, this company facilitates you to connect with your beloved inmate easily. You cannot only send email and send videogram. However, it also allows you send money, do video visitation, buy phone time, as well as parole & probation payments. You can do it all from the website where it can be access in 35 different countries. The process of money transfer is fast and secure where it will be received in the next day. Progress JPay can also be seen from the service that allows you to do video visitation where you can see your beloved inmate’s face.

Talking about progress JPay, they always develop from year to year to make the customers more and more satisfied. For the proof, JPay successfully makes many inmates and their family & friends to communicate each other. In addition, you can also see the progress JPay from the product of tablet. In the past, they offered JP3 and JP4. Now, they upgrade it with JP5 where the facilities and services are more complete. The tablets are distributed in 7 Department of Agencies that include Michigan, Washington, Louisiana, North Dakota, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida.

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The best JPay progress can be seen from its JP5 tablet. The tablet facilitates you and your beloved inmate to pass the time, keep engaged, and stay connected as well. Progress JPay offers JP5 tablet that comes in different models in different states. It depends on certain factors. From JP5 tablet, the inmates will be able to listen to music, access many educational materials, see videos & photos, write & read emails, play games, etc. In addition, JPay features also give some benefits. They are:

  1. You can easily understand and use it.
  2. It is portable and comes with touchscreen system.
  3. It features calculator, FM radio, notepad, stopwatch, etc.
  4. It offers some accessories like ear buds, battery / charger, and scree protector.
  5. It is made from rugged materials, great use in correction.

From the features above, it is clear that progress JPay looks very good. You can buy the tablet for your beloved inmate by logging in to your JPay account. Make sure that you buy the tablet that is available in the related state or location. To buy the tablet, you mist transfer via Media Account. Then, your inmate can buy it by him or herself. After that, JPay will ship the tablet to the prison and it will be received by your beloved inmate. The process takes fast enough. It shows how progress JPay is really fast.

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JPay will always be available to make your connect with your beloved inmate easily. You can also wait for the next progress JPay to make all the customers more satisfied with the services provided. Now, it is time for you to buy the tablet and stay connected with your beloved inmate in the prison with that device.