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As the part of Learning A-Z, Raz Kids is a good learning program that provides so many reading resources for kids from A-Z. In this case, the kids may begin from the lowest level of aa and the highest level of Z2 on Raz Kids A to Z. The reading materials are organized based on the alphabet from A up to Z to show the difficulty level of the material, so the kids can find the exact books they want to read.

The Learning A-Z eBooks used to belong to English books according to its standard based on Learning A-Z Text Leveling System. The quality of each book also has been checked with a special tool. In this case, the leveling system on Raz Kids A to Z is created to determine the text complexity precisely and well. Moreover, it also follows the standard in the Common Core State Standard. This standard will evaluate the reading materials so that they are suitable for students based on ages and grades. In this case, Raz Kids A to Z uses quantitative measures, qualitative measure, as well as readers and the assignments.

Raz Kids A to Z has 29 difficulty levels from aa to Z2

  • Levels aa, A, B, and C are suitable for 4-6 years old in grade K.
  • Level D is suitable for 6-7 years old in grade 1.
  • Levels E, F, G, H and I are suitable for 6-7 years old in grade 1.
  • Level J is suitable for 6-8 years old in grade 1.
  • Levels K, L, M, N, O, and P, are suitable for 7-8 years old in grade 2.
  • Level Q is suitable for 7-9 years old in grade 3.
  • Levels R, S, and T are suitable for 8-9 years old in grade 3.
  • Level U is suitable for 8-11 years old in grade 4.
  • Levels V, W, X, Y, and Z are suitable for 9-11 years old in grade 4 and 5.
  • Level Z1 and Zare suitable for 9-11+ years old in grade 5+.
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The ordered Raz Kids A to Z levels are assessed properly where some students will put some recordings on In Basket during the three-part assessment process in which students will get a picture of reading abilities as well as monitoring the kid’s progress.

Here are the three-part processes conducted:

  1. In the beginning, the teacher has to place the kids on the proper Raz Kids level to begin. Then, the kids will start to record while reading Benchmark Book and then transfer the recorded reading in the In Basket. After that, the teacher can start to listen to running record collection. Then, the teacher is going to assign a Benchmark passage.
  2. Secondly, teachers can ask the students to record their voices while reading a story from a certain book and then transfer the recorded voice to In Basket. Next, the teacher can utilize digital rubric to give scores to students’ comprehension of nonfiction or fiction books.
  3. Thirdly, the kids will get some quizzes to know how big their understanding of the text using a special tool provided by Raz Kids. The teachers will get the score report to know their students’ progress before going to the next level.
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Well, by using Raz Kids A to Z, Students will feel so easy to get more information from reading materials provided. Also, the teachers will also easy to assign the students based on the correct leveling system used by Raz Kids.