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Raz Kids Bookroom has a lot of book collections for all students with different levels, especially for those who want to read some reading materials, listen to reading, and even they can record their voice when reading. Students can improve their fluency by listening to the reading because there will be someone who reads the book for the kids. Meanwhile, students can practice reading some books in their ways, or they can also record their sound so that their teachers can see the reading progress.

Raz Kids Bookroom is one of the best features offered on Raz Kids website to allow the students to get more knowledge. What is Raz Kids Bookroom? Simply, the kids need to sign up on Raz Kids first so they will access it. Once they signup and login, they will be directed to bookroom page. In this page, the kids will get the bookroom feature and reading assignments. Meanwhile, the students can see the logout button on the top including their name and parent. In the below section, the kids can see Star Zone and Messages.

Simply, you can just select Raz Kids Bookroom; then you will go to a page that displays so many book options for you to read. First of all, you will get some assigned books as your teacher instructs you to read it according to your level. For instance, if you are currently in K Level, they will only see K Level books on their Raz Kids Bookroom. In this bookroom, you may also read some books which have highlight letters instead of reading the books based on their level or based on teacher assignment. For instance, when you are recommended to read K level books, you may also have a chance to read F, G, H, I, and J level books that come in highlighted letters. In this case, you can just pick other books from different level to read.

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It is almost similar to when you are in Reading Assignment where you can also read and listen the ebooks to Raz Kids Bookroom before taking some quizzes. Somehow, it is not your reading assignment that is given by your teacher. If you want to get more leveled books, you can find it on More Books. Not only that, but there are also some Spanish books, favorite character, decodable books, alphabet books, nursery rhymes, read aloud, books of poetry, songbook, books of vocabulary, and much more.

Suppose you want to read some story about characters, then you can go to the favorite character on Raz Bookroom. For instance, you can read serial books of Maria that consist of several titles such as Maria Goes to School, Maria Counts Pumpkins, Maria’s Family Celebration, Maria’s Halloween, Maria and Her Teacher, and Maria Joins the Team. In addition to Maria story, you can also read Carlos serial books that consist of some titles like Carlos and His Teacher, Carlos Goes to School, and others. Meanwhile, you can also read the stories of monsters such as the Healthy Monster, Let’s Go to the Circus, Flower Children, Bird Children, and much more.

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Well, Raz Kids Bookroom will be a really fun place to get a lot of reading resources for kids and students. Moreover, students can also get more reading passages from More Books and read some great stories. Happy Reading!