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Nowadays, it is really easy to learn anything as long as you have the internet connection. You can count on Raz Kids that provides so many reading resources for kids. The kids can get as many as 29 leveled Raz Kids books available on Raz Kids bookroom. Raz Kids has an interactive web page that can make kids feel happy. Simply, you just let your kids use the internet to access Raz Kids books online or use their smartphones to read some books.

Wherever the kids are and whenever they want to access Raz Kids, they can just open the website and start to read. Also, Raz Kids also provides some books that the kids can listen to and even record their reading. In the end, the kids can take some quizzes to know their understanding of the books they have read.

Raz Kids books consist of several book genres and types including serial books, leveled books, song books, and much more. Through these various books, the kids can increase their insight and understand some books well.

  • Leveled Books
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The first Raz Kids books are the leveled books that consist of 29 levels that can help students increase their reading skills and comprehension well. The kids may choose the books according to their wishes whether they like fiction or nonfiction. Most of the books are in English, but some kids can also access some books in Spanish if they want.

  • Serial Books

Serial Book becomes the second choice for kids to get simple reading materials. In this case, the kids can choose their favorite characters with easy plot and setting. So, the kids will know the purpose of the writer. For instance, the kids can read Maria’s Halloween, Maria Counts Pumpkin, and much more.

  • Nursery Rhymes

Another Raz Kids books available are Nursery rhymes to help students understand a wide variety of rhythms and rhymes. Somehow, the kids may need to read and listen to the books repeatedly so that they can understand the sound patterns well.

  • Poetry Books
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Poetry books can be really helpful for kids to improve their listening skill and reading skill. In this case, the kids can listen to the books with intonation and pitch. It is a good idea, so the kids know how to read poetry properly.

  • Song Books

Songbooks can be the most exciting books for kids who like singing. In this case, the kids can learn about rhymes and rhythm based on songs. It can be a really enjoyable learning process for kids so they will not feel bored.

Well, the kids can access all of those Raz Kids books online. Therefore, we recommend you to join Raz Kids and let your kids get more knowledge and increase their reading skills on Raz Kids at anytime and anywhere. As long as there is the internet connection, the kids can open Raz Kids books and start reading some books available. Also, there are also teachers who will monitor and guide the kids through the learning process.