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You may be familiar with Raz Kids, and let us find out all about Raz Kids Com Bookroom. But, before going to the main topic, we would like to show you Raz kids winning awards that Raz Kids has obtained. It means that Raz Kids is a trustworthy resource to help kids increase their reading skills online. Some of the award winnings are Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom from Learning Magazine Winner as Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom in 2014 and Academics’ Choice Award Winner as Smart Book Award in 2014. Other award winnings are Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist as K-5 Curriculum/Reading and Language Arts Finalist in 2010, CODiE Award Finalist as Best Educational Use of a Technology Device in 2009, Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family Winner for Software and Website in 2009, and much more.

Now, we start with Raz Kids Com Bookroom that can help students improve their reading ability because Raz Kids bookroom has a lot of eBooks in different types and genres. Raz Kids hopes that the various book types cannot only increase students’ skills, but they also can get more information and knowledge.

Simply, the kids just need to access Raz Kids Com Bookroom that consists of many reading text types including serial books, leveled books, poetry books, nursery rhymes, songbooks, and much more. Particularly, leveled books consist of 29 reading levels that the kids can choose according to their wishes. In this case, the book type is a good choice to help kids increase their understanding related book topics and improve their English fluency. So, the kids will have full access to Raz Kids Com bookroom just in case they want to read some leveled books confidently.

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Moreover, the kids also can get serial books that also belong to the leveled system. Therefore, the kids may pick some series to read as they wish. Since the books talk about some characters, the kids must be interested in reading again and again because they have good character, plots, and settings. Thus, the students will feel easy to figure out the content of the books and know the purpose of the author.

On Raz Kids Com bookroom, kids can also get nursery rhymes that can help improve the students’ insight related to rhythm patterns and various rhymes. But, the kids may need to read the books several times to understand the voice pattern. Some of the available Nursery rhymes are Little Miss Muffet, Itsy Bitsy Spider; Mary Had  A Little Lamb, and much more.

In addition to nursery rhymes, Raz Kids Com bookroom also provides poetry books that can help kids improve their reading skills and listening comprehension. So, the kids can listen to poetry books that will come in sound with pitch, intonation, and inflection. For examples, kids can listen to Sammy Has The Flu, A Nation Arises, and much more.

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Next, the kids can also go to Songbooks available on Raz Kids Com Bookroom which is basically like nursery rhymes or poetry. These books can be good choices to help kids understand all about song, rhythm, and rhyme. Of course, the kids will feel fun because they can sing along the books. Since it is also in the form of Karaoke style, the students will feel easy to follow the tone. For instances, kids can try to sing along with I’m Never Alone (Rap), Circle of Smiles, Lotsa Pasta, Oh Navajo Girl, and much more.

Finally, the kids can also get Spanish books on Raz Kids Com bookroom, especially for ELL students for the bilingual program.