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Raz Kids is an online learning program to help improving students’ reading skill. Raz Kids has so many features that can be used by students, teachers and even parents. As a result, some users often have some difficulties in figuring out how to use all the features. If you experience this problem, you simply need to read Raz-Kids explanation.

The first thing you are going to learn from Raz-Kids explanation is how to access the website. To access the website, simply go to www.raz-kids.com. To start learning and accessing the other students’ features, you must enter your teacher username to sign in. After clicking “Go”, you will arrive at your class’ account where you can see the name of all the students in the class. To start learning, simply find your name from the list and click it.

Now that you have logged in, the next thing you need to find out from Raz-Kids explanation is the features you can use. There are three icons that you can click—Raz Rocket, Assignment and Messages—and each has different function. If you want to start learning and do your assignment, click the Assignment icon. In this section, there are several e-books that you can read and listen to. Under each book, you can see small eye ball and ear symbol. If you don’t know the meaning of those symbols, you can consult Raz-Kids explanationas well. So, when you have completed a book, a checkmark will appear under the eye ball. Meanwhile, if you have the story read for you by the system, you will see a checkmark under the ear. If you have finished reading, there are some actions you can take. If you want to go to the previous page, you can press “Back” button. If you want to read another book or use another feature, simply click the “Home” button. If you want to see whether you have understood the book or not, you can choose “Take a Quiz”. But if you think there are some things you still don’t understand, you can reread the book by clicking “Read Again.”

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The third thing you will learn from Raz-Kids explanation is how to make a recording. You simply need to press the Record button and you can record yourself while reading the book. After that, your teacher can check the recording and correct your pronunciation and intonation. Your teacher also can read Raz-Kids explanation to find out how to mark students’ assignments. Furthermore, don’t forget to take the quiz everytime you have completed a book. The quizzes are in multiple choices form so you have to be meticulous and pay attention to each option.

Last but not least, Raz-Kids explanation also will show you how to use Raz Rocket. This is a motivational section where you can build rockets and robots from stars you gain after completing the assignments. After accumulating enough amount of stars, you can go to the Raz Rocket catalog and buy various rocket and robot parts. It is such a nice activity to do after a long time studying.