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Raz Kids is a website that provides web-based learning for kids all across the world. So, you need to be connected to the internet to access Raz Kids. There are so many leveled books that kids can read, or they can also try to play Raz Kids Games. The kids may also take some quizzes to test their comprehension.

When your kids feel bored with the learning process, or it may be due to the teacher teaching which is not fun at all, so the kids have a chance to learn on Raz Kids with fun thanks to Raz Kids games available for them. It will make the kids feel excited, and there is no boredom anymore. Of course, Raz Kids games offer some advantages for the kids such as:

  1. Raz Kids games can make the students easy to understand the reading resources.
  2. The games can make the kids feel more fun when learning about Raz Kids.
  3. The games can increase their imagination, so they have more creative ideas.
  4. The games will be good choices to challenge the kids so they may become some competitive kids.
  5. The Raz Kids Games may help the kids get different role experience.
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As the best e-learning website for kids, Raz Kids provides some fun games for them which is suitable to the kids level. Each game will be suitable for certain kids in different grades. Here are some examples of Raz Kids games provided for grade K-1 students:

  • Alphabet Letter Match
  • Antonym Go Fish
  • Beginning Letter/Sound Match
  • Rhyming Go Fish
  • Punctuation Power
  • Short Vowel Sort
  • Sight Word Bingo
  • Word Family Sort

Meanwhile, some of the games that are suitable for grade 2-3 students are:

  • Clusters Go Fish
  • Compound Word Concentration
  • Contraction Go Fish
  • Crazy Sight Words
  • Homophone Concentration
  • Punctuation Power
  • Synonym Concentration
  • Vowel Pattern Bingo.

Then, the games that are suitable for grade 4-5 students are:

  • Cause and Effect Concentration
  • Homograph Match-a-Thon
  • Idioms Concentration
  • Metaphor and Simile
  • Part of Speech Sort
  • Plural Power
  • Prefix Go Fish
  • Voracious Vowels

Raz Kids games are really helpful to make the learning process become more fun and exciting. You do not need to doubt the learning program provided by Raz Kids because all of the materials provided are qualified and following the standard. In this case, since there are some available games, the kids are no longer feel bored while learning about Raz Kids. Also, Raz Kids also got a lot of awards such as Instruction, and Classroom from APP Revere Award Winner in 2014. It also becomes the Winning Best Reading Resource Website, the Multi-Level from Bessie Award Winner in 2015, and the Educational Apps from Bett ward Finalist in 2016. Moreover, it’s also the Best ESL, ELL, or World Language Acquisition Solution from Codie Award Finalist in 2016, the Best Early Learning, and Reading Skills Website from Bessie Award Winner in 2016. Last but not least, it’s the Resources for Learners with Additional Educational Needs from AAP Revere Award Finalist in 2016, Best Solution for Special Needs Students from Codie Award Winner in 2016, and much more.

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Therefore, if you want to make your kids smarter and more intelligent, then you can count on Raz Kids for the best solution to get more knowledge for kids.