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Looking for a good learning website to improve students’ reading skill? Try Raz Kidz. Raz Kids offers students with a large collection of eBooks. There are over 800 eBooks available on the site for students to read. These eBooks are not only available to read but also to listen as well. The listening mode allows students to listen to a book of their choosing. To make learning fun, Raz Kids also add interesting images. This feature, known as Raz Kids Images, is created to encourage students to read a book.

On Raz Kids website, you can also find eQuiz in each eBook. The eQuiz is made to measure how much a student’s reading comprehension is. After completing the quiz, the teacher will then score the students’ answer. There are free samples of eQuiz available on Raz Kids’ website. Two of these free samples are Scaredy Crow and Lotsa Pasta. When a student clicks any of these samples, they will be able to see lots of Raz Kids Images. All of which is interesting.  When a student chooses to click the Ear Icon (listening mode), they will see Raz Kids Images move. In other words, the book becomes an animated story.

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Raz Kids can help students who want to improve their skills. On Raz Kids, students can improve reading skill, pronunciation skill, listening skill, reading comprehension as well as the understanding of the structure and the type of the book. Not to mention they will broaden their knowledge with the book they read, too.

Other than Raz Kids Images, other useful parts of Raz Kids are Raz Rocket and Robot Builder. These features are designed specifically to keep students motivated when they are learning in Raz Kids. When they finish their activities a star, with which they can decorate their robot and rocket, will be awarded to them.

Raz Kids is not only useful for students and teacher. It is also useful for parents. With Raz Kids, parents will be able to monitor the progress of their children. They just need to log in to Raz Kids website by entering their email account. If they want, they can send a request to Raz Kids so they will receive regular learning report of their children via email. Parents can check the progress of their children anywhere and anytime provided that they have a Smartphone/laptop/computer and internet access.

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With Raz Kids Images, students can have higher motivation as well as better understanding of a story. The images will also improve students’ imagination when they read a book. Another benefit of the images is that the images make it easier for students to memorize new vocabulary. In some cases, students learn new vocabulary from a book and still able to remember it because they associate it with images.

Are you interested in Raz Kids’ learning method? If you are, just browse the website and register as a student. Raz Kids offers various reading resources (Raz Kids Images, for example) which will help you improve your learning skills.