Raz Kids Introduction

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Do you know what Raz Kids is? It is the latest reading program for kids used by many schools. Raz Kids Introduction is a program based on the web. It means that it can be accessed so long as there are a gadget and access to the internet.  Once you start, choose a web page of an elementary school. Click on classrooms. Focus on the side part of the classroom. Then, click the kindergarten team and Kindergarten-Carpenter. You will see a teacher’s homepage.

After that, just scroll down and stop in the middle part of the homepage. Under Links, you will see a link to Raz Kids. Click and a list containing the names students will appear. As you can see, it is not different from a classroom. You can jump to another classroom if you want. You can do it by entering the username of the teacher. Next, let us explain reading levels in Raz Kids Introduction. The first reading level is aa. This level is for children. If, for example, the school uses ‘rabbit’ as the password, a student must enter ‘rabbit’ in the password box if they want to log on.  If you would like to get a book, simply click the planet icon, and a list consist of all books will appear. You will then see that there are lots of books for students to opt from in Raz Kids Introduction. Under the books list, you can see “Eyeballs” and “Ears” icon. Let’s start by clicking “Ears” icon. If you choose a book and click the “Ears” icon, the book would be available for the student. For better focus, use headphones. When you press play, there would be the reading voice. Return to Home, and there will be a checkmark under the “Ears” icon. Next, click the eye icon and go throughout the book until the end. When you enter the book’s last page, return to Home. This time, you will see both the ear and the eye icons checked. It means that you are completed to read book successfully. To go to the next level in Raz Kids Introduction, a student must get both check marks for every book on the page. Children who have studied diligently will have many of these. In fact, they may already move to the next reading level. To get further of Raz Kids Introduction, let us show you how.

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Inside reading level a, you can find books for reading level a with question mark. This level not only requires a student to read and listen but also take the book’s quiz. Here, what we are looking for is the student’s ability to understand the questions and their answer to it.

That’s about it. We hope you will enjoy the reading and learning process at Raz Kids Introduction. Goodbye and Happy Reading!