Raz Kids Level Progression

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When students join Raz Kids program, they can increase their reading level and students can check Raz Kids Level progression before going to the further level. First of all, you can go to Raz Kids menu. In this section, you are about to enter Reading A-Z.com, and then you can sign in as a teacher. You may also find at the top right side to log in just in case you do not log in yet as a teacher.

After you log in, then you just click the Raz Kids Tab on the screen. In this case, we want to go to assignments or just select the assignments. Next, you will see two tabs which are called assessment and reading and just click the Reading. There, you can find the students while we are going to sign the entire level D. If you wish, you can also make custom assignments, but this section we only want to stay in the level D. The mission is to complete this level before going to the next level for the Raz Kids level progression.

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Now, you are going to see it as the students do. In this case, you need to log in as a student, and then you just select the favorite links available. So, you need to know if you get Raz Kids Link after all by just select student login and then choose logout. Eventually, you are directed to the teacher screen and choose a name of the student and enter the password. Well, here you can see the Raz Kids level progression under the assignment. Fortunately, you already did it so that it could be caretaker time. Thus, you just select for Caretakers reading. During this section, you can record the reading, but you will not do it at this time because you only need to read it. It is Brian Roberts’ story while Signe Nording created the illustrated images. Read this quick Caretaker story.

Caretakers are the story that talks about taking care of the things. Many Caretakers are available in the world such as a gardener who must take care of crops. Someone who works on a road is also called a caretaker who is taking care of road. Someone who takes care of babies is called babysitter as a dentist who or a dental patient caretaker. Someone who takes care of pets or animals is called a vet that also belongs to a caretaker. Someone who takes care of patients in a hospital is called a doctor who also belongs to a caretaker. Police officers and firefighters are also caretakers because they also have jobs to take care people either.

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After reading this short story about caretakers, you can go to the quiz section to answer some quizzes related to the story before you notice the Raz Kids Level Progression. Once you finish the quizzes, you can go to the next level, and you can see your Raz Kids Level Progression. Now, let us increase your kids’ level progression manually just in case you have a kid who needs to go to further level. In this case, you just need to log in and do it manually. It’s all about Raz Kids Level Progression and how to increase it to the higher level.