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If you want to make your kids smarter, then we recommend you to let your kids join Raz Kids. Raz Kids level provide so many reading resources for kids to increase their skill and knowledge including understanding the author purpose of the text, comprehending the text, learning about pronunciation, and increase vocabulary. Through the reading activity, the kids can get more knowledge based on the Raz Kids level available.

As the part of Learning A-Z, Raz Kids eBooks are created based on Learning A-Z text leveling system, with objective and subjective leveling criteria for text complexity measurement. Subjective measure belongs to the reading material attribute where the readers evaluate it based on several factors. Some of the factors are including text structure, meaning level, writer’s purposes, language clarity, language convention, knowledge demand, and the visual device importance and complexity. There are several things to consider in this Raz Kids level system, such as:

  • Text Predictability
  • Text structure and organization
  • Organization Logical nature
  • Text and feature distractions
  • Labeling and reader supports
  • Illustration supports
  • Info graphics
  • Complexity
  • Text reliance on
  • Knowledge demands
  • Concept load
  • Familiarity with topic
  • Single vs. multi-themed
  • Inter-textual dependence
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The objective measure is done to measure the reading materials content statistically. There are also some factors of objective measures such as the number of word syllable, the total number of different words, the length of sentence, and others. On this Raz Kids level, the kids also have a chance to play Raz Kids games so that they do not feel bored during the learning process. Meanwhile, there are a few things to consider for the object measurement such as:

  • The sentence length
  • Low frequency of total word comparison
  • Low-frequency words quantity
  • High-frequency words to total word comparison
  • High-frequency words quantity
  • Different words quantity
  • Different words to total word comparison
  • the total words count
  • Sentence complexity

Raz Kids level has a lot of reading material levels from the level of aa that is suitable for four up to 5 years old kids until the level of Z2 that is suitable for nine up to 11+ years old kids.

Meanwhile, the Raz Kids Level Criteria are:

  • Number of words
  • Different words number
  • Comparison of different words to total words
  • High-frequency words quantity
  • Comparison of high-frequency words to total words
  • Quantity of low-frequency words to total words
  • Comparison of low-frequency words to total words
  • Length of sentence
  • Complexity of sentence
  • Predictability
  • Pattern and repetition of language
  • The size of words per page
  • The Spacing and amount of words per page
  • Support for illustration
  • A load of concept
  • The topic familiarity
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Students are going to carry some various skills, motivation, and backgrounds to the learning process, especially in the reading process. For example, a kid who likes to read a certain title of the book may carry more background to the assignment, and he may get encouraged to read other reading materials.

For the appropriate quantitative and qualitative measure on Raz Kids level, we use Learning A-Z leveling system so that the kids can get reading materials according to the levels and the teacher can assign the students with the suitable reading resources.