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Raz Kids website provides reading materials for kids and students based on the Raz Kids leveled books. All teachers can access books in various genres such as nursery rhymes, songbooks, poetry, serial books, Spanish books, and leveled books. The Raz Kids Leveled books come in 29 difficulties.

Raz Kids leveled books come with different text leveling system of Learning A-Z. The quality check is conducted using a custom tool. Those eBooks consist of fiction and also nonfiction to empower in content area instruction and literacy.

Raz Kids leveled book is facilitating kids with reading materials. Using their PC and tablet, kids can visit Raz Kids and read some eBooks available. They can get the exact reading material that they wish to read based on Raz Kids leveled books. Meanwhile, the availability of self-paced assignment aims to develop students based on their comprehension at each level they pass before they go to the further level. From the Kids A-Z roster, it is really easy because it only needs to fill the level of the student. Kids are also able to enter the reading room that allows them to get various eBooks to read according to their wishes.

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There are two formats for Raz Kids leveled books. Kids have a chance to choose either reading the book or listening to the book. Kids can listen to the eBooks available to increase their fluency in reading where it will come with highlighted words, sentences, and phrases along with the natural voice as if they are reading. Meanwhile, the reading material also provides sound effects and cool animation in the lower Raz Kids level. They can also read the books quietly and even record their voices when reading using a microphone available on their headsets. Well, there is a teacher who will have the role to check their recording that the kids sent.  In this case, the teachers may download the recording in the formal of Mp3 audio.

It’s your chance to join Raz Kids and get the access to all of the Raz Kids Leveled books. Both teachers and students also have a chance to get printable materials from Raz Kids and access many other eBooks for their reading instruction support. The leveled books on Raz Kids begin from aa to Z2 level, and each level is customized based on the kids’ ages as well as the grade level. For instance, 4-6 years old students may be suitable for grade aa or grade K for kindergarten students. The children can read some nonfiction books with many different titles such as Farm Animals, The Garden, Big, etc. Meanwhile, the fiction genre consists of many titles such as The Trip, My Family; Fido Gets Dressed, etc.

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Raz Kids Books Level Criteria:

  • Words count
  • Different words in total
  • Different words to total words comparison
  • Total of high-frequency words
  • High-frequency words to total words Comparison
  • Total of low-frequency words to total words
  • Low-frequency words to total words comparison
  • The sentence length
  • The Sentence complexity
  • Predictability
  • Language and repetition pattern
  • Spacing, Size of print, and total of words per page
  • The illustration support
  • Concept load
  • The topic familiarity

Based on those criteria, Raz Kids leveled books will determine the most suitable eBooks for each student in different grade and age.