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It’s now easy to find many reading resources online because you can count on Raz Kids website that offers over 800 eBooks to read both fictions ad nonfiction.  There are about 29 reading difficulty levels that your kids or students can read including songbooks, nursery rhymes, poetry books, and also Spanish books. Unfortunately, you cannot find Raz Kids math book because it is not available yet. Learning A-Z belongs to Raz Kids that is designed and developed to persuade kids and students, so they like reading. Raz Kids’ eBooks are available according to the leveling system of Learning A-Z.

You may not find Raz Kids math because this website only provides eBooks for reading purposes. Both fictions and nonfiction are available on Raz Kids who can make kids love reading a few kinds of book genres. In this case, when you let your kids and students get some reading resource from Raz Kids, the students’ ability will increase, especially in reading where they need to understand the story of the reading passage, the purpose of the eBook created and they may also get new knowledge related to text types. Moreover, students are only able to read, but they can also listen to the reading so they can learn about the pronunciation of words. Unfortunately, they cannot get Raz Kids math on the website.

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Though there is no Raz Kids math, kids, and students are still able to get some reading passage or reading materials that talk about math which is popular as Math Test Mix Up. You can go to the level H for grade one in the fiction book which has approximately 262 words. That is a story about two students’ experience who are feeling dilemma since they don’t enter their name during the test. From this experience, they finally can learn from their mistake and then they are trying to be more careful in the future.

There are so many other interesting stories that you can find on Raz Kids. For example, you can read the story of Bedtime Counting, We Make Cookies, Bird Goes Home, Getting Around the City, We Make Snowman, and much more. If you like nonfiction, then you can also find some nonfiction books that talk about Water, My Body, Summer, What Animals Eat, We Count, How Many Legs, and much more.

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Why is there no Raz Kids math? The Raz Kids focuses on reading comprehension of kids more. Thus, there are so many options for reading materials that kids can get from Raz Kids until they know that reading activity is a fun thing to get knowledge. Though Raz Kids, the students can pick a few genres to read according to their wishes.

You can access Raz Kids website to get reading materials except for Raz Kids math for your kids and students. Raz Kids has achieved many awards. Some of those are the Best Solution for Special Needs Students in 2016 from Codie Award Winner, Multi-Level, and Reading Resource Website in 2016 from Eddie Award Winner. It’s also getting awards for the Best Early Learning, Reading Skills Website in 2016 from Bessie Award Winner, and the Resources for Learners with Additional Educational Needs in 2016 from AAP REVERE Award Finalist. Moreover, it is also awarded as the Best ESL, ELL or World Language Acquisition Solution in 2016 from Codie Award Finalist and much more.