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Raz Kids is designed to provide students with reading resources. It has a collection of over 400 eBooks from various genres and types. All of these eBooks are accessible to read and listen. To make it easier for pupils to learn, Raz Kids offers Raz Kids Mobile.

There are six book types in Raz Kids which are also available in the Raz Kids Mobile. These are the types: leveled books, songbooks, poetry books, the serial books, the nursery rhymes, and also Spanish books. Leveled books are several books that come with different level. Students will have a level which is decided by their teacher to choose those books. Those leveled books consist of 29 levels that will help students improve their reading skill.

Books that contain a character’s story are available in the serial books. In this type of book, there is a repetition of plot structure, character, and setting. These contents are available so that students will learn and understand the aim of the book’s author. As for poetry books, those books are available so pupils can learn not only to read but also to listen competently. For this type of book, students will be able to practice intonation, inflection, and pitch. Reading this type of book will also help students to learn and understand the parts of the story as well as the sequencing of events.

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Other book types available for Raz Kids and Raz Kids Mobile are nursery rhymes, songbooks, and Spanish book. Nursery rhymes books help students to know, recognize, and understand rhymes as well as rhythm pattern. After all, rhymes are read and listened to over and over again by new readers. Songbooks, on the other hand, help students to make a reading session a lot more enjoyable. Students will learn beat and melody from this type of book. When they use karaoke style, they can also sing along as well. Again, students can access these books via Raz Kids Mobile.

Lastly are the Spanish books. These books are accessible for ELL and the bilingual students. Students can access these books in the leveled books type. There are lots of Spanish books available. Students are able to access it in the book room.

Since Raz Kids is available in a mobile format using Raz Kids Mobile, students will have easier access. In fact, they can access Raz Kids anywhere and anytime they want so long as they have a Smartphone/laptop/computer and internet connection. With it, students have access to read and listen to leveled books as well as taking eQuiz. The reports of students’ activities will be accessible to the teacher via Student Management feature. Because of this, it is a lot easier for the teacher to monitor the progress of an individual student and the class as a whole and decide what to do next.

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For Raz-Plus subscribers, the Kidz A-Z application provides access to over 1800 leveled eBooks and related eQuiz on a tablet or Smartphone. For students, they can freely download Kids A-Z for their gadgets (on Apple Store for Apple’s gadgets and Google Play for Android gadgets). Other than Apple Store and Google Play, the app is also available on Amazon. Download Raz Kids Mobile and have a reading resource anytime, anywhere you want!