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One of the reasons why lots of people, from students, teachers to parents, use Raz Kids is because it offers a fun way to read and practicing skills. Raz Kids encourages students to learn by giving them access to read and listen to over 400 eBooks with various types and genres.  If you want to know the address of Raz Kids website, it is www.raz-kids.com and not Raz Kids Org.

When a student uses Raz Kids by visiting Raz-Kids (not the Raz Kids Org), they will be able to improve reading skill. Not only they will able to read the text well, but they will also be able to improve their listening skill and pronunciation, comprehend what is the text about, and understand the author’s aim and the structure of the text. Why do students get all these benefits in a website like Raz-Kids (not Raz Kids Org)? The reason is that there are reading and listening modes for the eBooks offered. With listening mode, students will be able to practice their listening skill as well as their pronunciation.

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After students have finished reading or listening to a book, they can test their comprehension with eQuiz. Another important thing to mention is that students will be able to learn text structures because the original Raz-Kids (not the Raz Kids Org) provides them with various book types. There are serial books, poetry books, songbooks, leveled books, and nursery rhymes. For the leveled books, there are books from both fiction and nonfiction genre. Also, Spanish books are available as well. It is a complete collection, isn’t it?

While they do their activities using Raz Kids, students will be supervised by a teacher. Students will receive assignments, award and/incentive when they choose to move to a higher level. There is no need to worry here since a teacher will monitor the progress of the students. Parents can also monitor the progress of their children if they want to. They just need to access Raz-Kids original (not Raz Kids Org) and log in as their children. From here, parents will get an email. Their children’s teacher will inform them about their children’s activities. For example, the number of and which book their children have read, how many quizzes they have taken and the number of awards they received. Another way for parents to monitor their children is by sending a request so they will receive their children’s progress report regularly in their email address.

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There are also Robot Builder and Raz Rocket features in Raz Kids. Both of these features are designed specifically to keep students motivated. Robot Builder features a robot which students can make the way they want it. Raz Rocket, on the other hand, is a robot which students can customize with the robot, equipment, aliens, furniture, plants, and other items. To customize their robots and rockets, students must use stars, which they can earn by finishing activities such as reading, practice recording, listening and taking eQuiz.

If a reading resource with interesting features is what you are looking for, go no further. Visit Raz Kids. The website is www.raz-kids.com and not Raz Kids Org.