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Raz Kids Parent Login will help you check your children learning progress on Raz Kids. Raz Kids becomes the best website that offers so many eBooks to read for your children. There are many books available in different levels according to the kids’ ages. Meanwhile, there is also a teacher who will monitor the kid’s activity and determine if the kids deserve to go to the higher level.

In addition to teachers and students, parents also have a right to access the Raz Kids if they want to check their kids’ progress. In this case, the parents will be able to check what kinds of books that the kids have read, see the kids’ scores, or send the kids a message. Anyway, how to use Raz Kids Parent Login?

Read these following steps to do login to the Raz Kids as a kids’ parent.

  1. First of all, you need to visit Raz Kids website and then sign in to Raz Kids website as their children:
  2. Access Raz Kids official website or raz-kids.com
  3. Select Kids Login
  4. Insert the username of the teacher and select go
  5. Select the name of the kids and type your password
  6. Next, you only need to select parents’ link that you can see on the top side of the Raz Kids website. Then, just follow instructions on that page.
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Instead of teachers and students, parents also have a right to access Raz Kids Parent Login that is easy. In this case, you do not need to worry about your kids’ progress because the teacher will guide them while you can check your kids’ progress.

Raz Kids Parent Login is easy to access in which you can monitor your kids’ activity progress at any time, and anywhere you want. Since Raz Kids can only be accessed using the internet, so you do not need to worry if you are out of town because you can open it using your Smartphone or laptop.

Raz Kids Parent Login is good for parents who want to check their kid’s progress while Certainly, Raz Kids can help your children get more knowledge from reading resources available and understand the text, understand the purpose of the author, improve the kids’ pronunciation, improve listening skill, and much more. The children or students are not only able to read the books, but they can also listen to the reading. The children may choose fiction or nonfiction or choose some, poetry books, leveled books, the Spanish books, serial books, and much more.

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As the part of Learning A-Z, Raz Kids has achieved so many awards such as:

  1. The Multi-Level, Reading Resource Website (It’s from EDDIE Award Winner in 2016)
  2. The Best Solution for Special Needs Students (It’s from CODiE Award Winner in 2016)
  3. The Supplemental Resources, Resources for Learners with Additional Educational Needs (It’s from AAP REVERE Award Finalist in 2016)
  4. The Best Early Learning, Reading Skills Website (It’s from BESSIE Award Winner in 2016)
  5. The Best ESL, ELL or World Language Acquisition Solution (It’s from CODiE Award Winner in 2016)

That’s all information on the Raz Kids Parent Login. As a parent, you will be able to access Raz Kids website and then monitor your kids’ activity progress in real time. Now, you can find out all about the Raz Kids on www.raz-kids.com using your computer.