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Have you already know about Raz Kids Registration? It is a website designed specifically to help children at any level to learn. The site has lots of amazing features, including various types and genres of reading resources. Other examples of Raz Kids’ features are Robot Builder and the Raz Rocket, which give kids access to over 800 e-books.  The books available on the Raz Kids website can be either read directly or listened to. It allows the students to improve pronunciation skill, reading skill, listening skill and most importantly, adding their knowledge. EBooks that are available on Raz Kids also come with sound effect and animation, which make it entertaining and a lot easier to understand.

Roster, one of Raz Kids Registration many features, is the main element of its management system. By making a student Roster, teachers will open up lots of opportunities for both teachers and their students. When a class of Roster is available, teachers are capable of creating and assigning assignments to all students, review students as well as class reports, send several messages to them, and also listen to their recording. Let’s see what is available on the Roster selections after completing Raz Kids Registration. There is an option to add one student that teachers haven’t added yet, assign them the level as well as give them access to Raz Rocket and the bookroom.  There is also an option which enables teachers to add up to 36 students into it. If teachers want to transfer students from another classroom, they can use “Transfer” feature. This feature will also move all the students’ data, including various student reports, current running record, as well as recording.

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The teacher will transfer students with clubhouse and star awards. Below the “Roster” tab, there is a tool which let a teacher message one individual student or the whole class. This tool makes it easier to communicate with teachers and their students. In case there are students deleted from the Roster, don’t worry. Their data is archived for four years if teachers already did Raz Kids Registration. If teachers want, they can restore these students, too.

It is not difficult to manage the roster. After finishing Raz Kids Registration and teachers’ roster menu is ready, students will be able to access lots of great books and the site’s amazing feature. It allows teachers to monitor every one of their students’ progress, provided that they complete their assignments. As such, it will be easier for teachers intervene and instruct as needed.

In case teachers want to learn more about features available on the roster, simply click tutorial videos located in the library. Overall, Raz Kids becomes a website that’s very easy to use both for the teacher and the students. With Raz Kids Registration teacher will be able to monitor their students, give assignments, as well as inform the students’ parents their children’s progress. For the students, they will be able to learn things better in an easy way. Raz Kidz provides ease of use to satisfy their customers. Hopefully, with Raz Kids Registration it can provide many useful features for everyone, especially students.