Raz-Kids Research and Review

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Raz Kids is one online resource for helping students in learning process. Do you know how students make advantages of it in desktop version? Read this Raz-Kids Research and Review. The first step is logging in to Raz Kids website. Then, they must discover their name located on the class’ list. Then, they can click on their name there. They should click on the “Your Assignment,” and pick any unread book or the already read book. For instance, if they choose The Mitten book, then they can read it, listen to it, and take a smart quiz. If the students are willing to read an interesting book, they should click on the eyeball mark beneath the book. There is also a record option to assist teachers in monitoring the students’ fluency in reading. It also can help teachers to see the reading strategy that has been used by students.

Next to the Raz-Kids Research and Review, when students read any books, they can find difficult words, but it won’t be a matter if they use reading strategies. After reading the book, students can take a smart quiz to know their reading comprehension level. If they answer those questions with right answers, they can go to the next level. If they can’t have a perfect score, the students must read the book again. All students can see the earned stars for the taken quiz. They also can see those stars when students are reading a book. If students read a book, students will get 50 stars. When students listen to a book, they will get ten stars. Students’ motivation in reading a book will be rise with those stars.

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Another Raz-Kids Research and Review show that having many stars enables students to create their room on the Raz Rocket. Here, students can use the owned stars to put in items, furniture, and plants into the students’ room. If their stars are not enough to build their room, students must read more books to get it. Also, students can make robots or aliens with their available stars. This star is a nice motivation for all students of Raz Kids.

Those are Raz-Kids Research and Review for students. Then, for teachers, Raz Kids also bring many advantages. They can log in to the website, and all teachers can supervise and observe students’ progress in the learning process by going to the “Manage Students” option and click the “Reports” option. Skill reports will tell teachers about everything that students need to accomplish. Every comprehension skill comes in blue color. For instance, the “Compare and Contrast” is a thing that probably difficult for several students. Click it, and it will tell you students that have most problems in accomplishing it. Raz-Kids Research and Review for teacher also useful for teachers to see students who’re reading and not reading by clicking on the “Assignment Progress”. In this section, teachers can see who are on the go in the program and who are not on the go and when these inactive students are doing the last login into the Raz Kids. Teachers can see the number of books that have been read and been listened by a student, the number of quizzes that have been taken by students, and also how many stars that have been earned by students via clicking the Ranking Chart.

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With the Raz-Kids Research and Review, we know that Raz Kids is an online program for students, teachers, and parents since parents can follow the progress of their children’s learning process by logging in to the website.